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Jan 17th, 2018, 7:59pm

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 stickylock  Author  Topic: The future of the X-WCW.  (Read 631 times)
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xx The future of the X-WCW.
« Thread started on: Dec 7th, 2016, 8:09pm »

Starrcade 4: Unity is going to be the last show for a while, maybe forever. The shows from Royal Bash to Starrcade 4 were written the way they were because it was the only way to get the shows out and I wanted to complete the AWF Invasion of the X-WCW. Since it was only me that seemed to be the best and only way to get it done. Now I'm NOT blaming anyone; I'm just stating the facts.
I'm extremely proud of the X-WCW and what we did and I'm grateful to all of the people who were involved. But the simple truth is: that all of the writing team has gotten older and they have more important things that require their attention (jobs, family, etc) and to be honest so do I.

Now this board is NOT closing, but I want to focus on the general discussions. The only topic that is NOT allowed on this forum is: POLITICS! If you want to discuss politics with me find me on Facebook and/or Twitter be warned I tend to be vicious.

Otherwise I'm busy but if need to get in touch with me:

I'm been made mod of a new BioWare forum!

I've been posting at:
Another new BioWare forum
TF Archive
Valiant Fans

There is still my blog at although I rarely check it.

I'm on Twitter as @cyberstrike2k9

Xbox Live at: Cyberstrike nTo
Playstation Network at: cyberstrike-nTo

And you can also find me on Facebook.

Now IF you want to the X-WCW to return then you have to get BOTH players and writers come back on a regular basis and start trash talking and show a willingness to keep it going then I will happily re-open it, I still got some ideas in my head where we could take it. Right now however it's in suspended animation.
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