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Mar 24th, 2018, 09:14am

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xx The Dragon Age Chronology w/all media
« Thread started on: May 3rd, 2013, 4:56pm »

Since I did one on Mass Effect I'll try to do one on Dragon Age.

PN=Prose Novel
CB=Comic Book series or single issue.
WC=Web Comic
VG=Video Game
DLC=Downloadable Content
EXP=Expansion Pack
AM=Anime Movie
LAWS=Live Action Web Series

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne (PN)
Dragon Age: The Calling (PN)
Dragon Age: Origins-Leliana's Song (DLC)

Dragon Age: Origins (VG) Prologue (The 6 Origins and Battle at Ostagar)
Dragon Age: Origins (VG) Act 1 (Gathering all allies and curing the sick Arl)
Dragon Age: Origins-The Warden's Keep (DLC)
Dragon Age: Origins-The Stone Prisoner (DLC)
Dragon Age: Origins-The Return to Ostagar (DLC)
Dragon Age: Origins (VG) Act 2 (Everything from when the Warden goes to Denerium with the Arl to the end of the game)
Dragon Age: Origins-Awakening (EXP)
Dragon Age: Origins-The Golems of Armack (DLC)
Dragon Age: Origins-Witch Hunt (DLC)

Interlude 1:
Dragon Age: The Dawn of the Seeker (AM)
Dragon Age: Redeemption (LAWS)

Dragon Age II (VG) Prologue-The Escape From Lothering and Arrival in Kirkwall.
Dragon Age II (VG) Act I: Getting the Money/The Deep Roads Expedition
Dragon Age II: The Exiled Prince (DLC)
Dragon Age II: The Black Emporium (DLC)
Dragon Age II (VG) Act II-The Noble Hawke and The Battle with the Qunari.
Dragon Age II: Legacy (DLC)
Dragon Age II (VG) Act III-The Champion of Kirkwall
Dragon Age II: The Mark of the Assassin (DLC)

Interlude 2:
Dragon Age: Asunder (PN)
Dragon Age: vol. 1: The Silent Grove #1-6 (WC)
Dragon Age: vol. 2: Those Who Speak #1-3 (CB)
Dragon Age: vol. 3: Until We Sleep #1-3 (CB)
Dragon Age: The Masked Empire (PN) 1

Dragon Age III: Inquisition (VG)

Alternate Timelines: 2
Dragon Age: Origins-The Darkspawn Chronicles (DLC)
Dragon Age (CB) #1-6 EA Comics/IDW 3

1) Dragon Age: The Masked Empire and Dragon Age III: Inquisition are both not out yet as of this thread's creation on May 3, 2013.

2) These are the stories that either are set in a different timeline and are not part of the official DA canon or I just hate them.

3) This God-awful piece of shit comic book series is the first DA comics I hope it's never referenced or continued it should be forgotten.
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