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Mar 24th, 2018, 09:15am

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xx Cyberstrike's The State of Pro-Wrestling
« Thread started on: Sep 28th, 2015, 3:22pm »

The following is an opinion based rant based on a lot of speculation.

The current state of pro wrestling is it's on life support. Pretty grim I know but that is my current feeling. Now this on the US scene so maybe in other countries it might be doing better.

In the US wrestling has been in a near death coma since 2001. The year that WWE bought it's major rivals WCW and ECW and became a monopoly. Sure new smaller promotions emerged but neither TNA or ROH is going to be a major rival to WWE. In the past 14 years the only rival WWE had to contend with was itself. It split it's roster, titles, PPVs between it's two major TV shows Raw and Smackdown but that was at best a fake competition. None of the various GMs that "ran" each show had any real creative power and all building rivality between the two shows was doomed to failure. Titles were unified, split, re-unified, created, or re-created. Talent would go from one show to the other each year. It was pretty stupid idea from day one. Now that nonsense is over WWE decided to rebrand itself to a more kid friendly company with stupid storylines, lame characters, no swearing, no blood, and sexual content.

The "new" ECW folded and became NXT, a training ground for new talent from the indy scene to learn how to wrestle the WWE way and maybe one day the WWE will call them up and allow them to be on one of the big shows (I'm talking about RAW and/or Smackdown not the wrestler) and now WWE has it's own network. A Streaming service similar to Netflix that allows subscribers to watch not only the new episodes of RAW, Smackdown, NXT and the various WWE PPVs but old WCW and ECW shows now in HD as well! Except I don't want to watch a full 3+ Hour of Nitro for that one cruiserweight match or insane hardcore match, or funny promo. That is what youtube is for!

Now TNA is bleeding talent in the past year they have lost: AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kaz, Magnus, Austin Aries, Sting, Team 3D, MVP, Low-Ki, ODB, Mickie James, and there are rumors that Kurt Angle and James Storm who will probably leave soon. It wouldn't surprise me that Robert Roode and Eric Young will be leave once their contracts are up. A cross-promotion "war" with Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling company was a bore. The company continues to lose wrestlers and it's current American TV network Destination: America has none little to promote it (D;A should be renamed Redneck TV). I think Spike TV was a better home for them than D:A is.

ROH feels like it's going stale. Even with Jay Lethal winning the ROH World title (and maybe unifying it with the ROH TV title) and AJ Styles winning an ROH World title shot. The company feels like it's an audition for NXT than it's own company, it's also not helped that a lot of the former TNA talent that aren't established names go there first after leaving TNA.

Say what you will about WCW it was actually competitor to WWE. Now I can't fault Vince McMahon for buying it for pennies on the dollar (some estimates stated that he paid $10 million for the company while Eric Bischoff and his backers offered $80 million for it but the boneheads running TNT and TBS didn't want the shows). WWE brand war was like Coke Classic vs. Cherry Coke vs. Coke Zero. Same thing with only slightly different favors.

In my humble and honest opinion pro-wrestling died when WWE bought WCW and ECW. All TNA, ROH, GFW, NWA, OVW, Lucha Underground, House of Hardcore, and all the other indies has done has put it on extended life support but pro-wrestling is brain dead. It's time to be honest and pull the plug and put it out of it's misery.
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