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Mar 24th, 2018, 09:09am

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xx Bloodbath 4: Apocalypse preview
« Thread started on: Aug 2nd, 2009, 08:17am »

X-WCW's most sadistic PPV of the year is Bloodbath 4: Apocalypse and this year it will be headlined in a HUGE double main event!

Main Event 1:
X-WCW Championship
Double 8 Tournament-FINALS
Fatal Four Way Ultimate Endurance Elimination Match
First Fall- First Blood Match
Second Fall-Street Fight Match
Third Fall-TLCC Match

Sean Byrne vs. Rocky Davis vs. Nightmare vs. Autobot Jazz

These four men will battle in the finals of the Double 8 Tournament for the vacant X-WCW World Championship in an Ultimate Endurance Elimination Match. There will be a winner and a new X-WCW World Champion will be crowned!

Main Event 2:
X-WCW Global Heavyweight Championship
Xtreme War Games II
The nTo ("Cyberstrike" Christopher Back, D-Extreme, Cane Deathscream, The Real Deal, Alec Lightstar, Raven Darkstorm, and ???) vs. The Revolution (“The Renegade” Ron Michaels, "The Powerful One" David Powermaster, R.E. Rage, "The Mad Bomber" Alex Bombshell, "The Playboy" Brett Rayne, John Crook, and Tony Bonito ©)

The war between the nTo and the Revolution comes to an end in the most dangerous match in X-WCW! This match will be the end for one team.

X-WCW U. S. Championship
Double Elimination Plate Glass Tables Match
CJ Baller vs. Otacon vs. Andrew Radon ©

The first time in X-WCW history there will be a Double Elimination Plate Glass Table Match for the X-WCW U.S. Championship!

X-WCW World Tag Team Championship
Scaffold Death Match
D-Next vs. The Lost Boys ©

Former AWF Tag Team Champions Sean O'Con and Erik Summers the team known as D-Next, make their first attempt to gain the X-WCW World Tag Team Champions but they have to face Carnage, Inc's The Lost Boys in a Scaffold Death Match where the way to win is to throw off 30-Foot high scaffold into a net of barbed wire!

X-WCW Intercontinental Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
“The Scoropin” Jack Blade vs. Joe Goldstone ©

Blade attempt to gain the X-WCW IC title but he got take on Joe Goldstone in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Doubleshot Challenge
Match #1 for
AWF IC Championship
Steel Chain Match
Match #2 for
X-WCW Xtreme Championship
Hellfire Match

"Y3B" Myles Blaster (AWF IC Champion) vs. Justin Sane (X-WCW Xtreme Champion)

AWF IC Champion Y3B Myles Blaster takes on X-WCW Xtreme Champion Justin Sane in two different matches it will be first for the AWF IC Champion in a Steel Chain Match right after that it will be a return of the Hellfire Match for the X-WCW Xtreme Championship!

X-WCW TV Championship
Catfight Match
Aries vs. Rayne Bloodstone ©

Bloodstone and Aries hate each other and in a match where the only rules are pinfalls and submissions count anywhere seems to be the perfect match for these ladies to settle there grudge while, Nightmare (Bloodstone's boyfriend) and Rocky Davis (Areis' husband) and the rest of Carnage, Inc. are barred from the building!

#1 Contendership Match for the X-WCW TV or Tag Team titles
Submission Counts Anywhere Match
Mike Magnus vs. Sci-Fi Man

A special added match for the first time in company history there will be a Submissions Counts Anywhere Match if Magnus wins he gets a rematch for the X-WCW TV title and if Sci-Fi Man wins he and his partner, Autobot Jazz will get a shot at either X-WCW World Tag Team or AWF Tag Team titles when and where they choose!

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