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Mar 18th, 2018, 06:51am

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xx 2) X-WCW: Ground Zero (PPV)
« Thread started on: Jun 1st, 2004, 05:05am »

The Fireworks go off and crowd goes wild as Ground Zero comes on the air.

JR: Hi everyone I'm Jim Ross and sitting next to me is Jerry "The King" Lawler and we welcome you to

X-WCW's first Pay-per-view Ground Zero!

King: We got it all for you tonight!

JR: Yes we sure do and to kick it off with the Hardcore Tournament Finals

Hardcore Tournament Finals:
Impactor vs Lita

"War" plays as Impactor makes his way to ring with a shopping cart filled with weapons.

King: I think it's safe to say Impactor is ready for this match.

JR: You just did.

As Impactor throws in a kendo stick, a stop sign, a steel chair, a bowling ball, and a kitchen sink!

JR: Remember in these Hardcore matches No disqualifications, pinfalls anywhere, and there must be a winner.

Suddenly "Lovefurypassionenergy" hits the speakers as Impactor gets in the ring and the entrance to await Lita. But no ones appears at the entranceway.

JR: Where is Lita at?

King: Do you think she chickened out?

JR: I don't think so... wait!

As the music dies down Impactor turns around to find Lita in the ring with a frying pan in hand.

Lita cracks Impactor over the head and goes for the pin as the ref sounds for the bell.

1-2 Impactor gets his arm up!

JR: This is how she beat Wreck-Tron to get into the finals of the match no good bit...

King: Hey watch it JR Lita is GM Cyberstrike's girlfriend!

JR: I know.

Lita grabs a stop sign and hits Impactor over the head, and goes for the pinfall.


Impactor gets his arm again as Lita shows a little frustration. She sees the kitchen sink that Impactor brought in the ring. Lita picks up the sink and holds it ready to ram Impactor's head as he stumbles to his feet. Lita runs at Impactor!

JR: No, don't do it!

King: Impactor is going to get it!

Impactor ducks and Lita runs out of ring and crashes on the floor her head hitting the sink, cutting her open.

JR: My God! She is broken half!

King: Somebody's got to help her!

Impactor seeing an opperututy to put Lita away for good climbs the top of the turnbuckle and gets ready to frog-splash her.

JR: He is not going to...

King: I think he is

JR: Come on Impactor I know you want to win the Hardcore title but this is not the way!

As Impactor jumps, Lita rolls out of the way and Impactor hits the sink! As the ref jumps out the ring Lita goes for the pin.

JR: 1-2-3 damn it Lita wins!!

King: She wins in high style!! Lita is the first X-WCW Hardcore Champion!!

JR: I know!

As GM Cyberstrike comes running down the ramp he holds up Lita's arm and presents her with the X-WCW Hardcore title belt. GM Cyberstrike picks her up and carries her off to the back.

King: How sweet!

JR: Sweet my ass, those two are a match made in Hell.

Impactor gets to his feet and walks to back saying to camera I'll get you for this Lita.


GM Cyberstrike takes Lita to see the trainer to get her checked out as he puts on down on the exam table. He hears his cell phone ring and he picks it up.

GMCS: Hello?

As GMCS face goes white as he hears the voice on the other end.

GMCS: I'll talk to in my office when you get here.

Turns off the cell phone, and turns to the trainer

GMCS: You take care of her or I'll have you job.

Trainer: Yes sir.

GMCS: Lita something has came up but I'll see you back at the hotel ok?

Lita: You bet! Uh what about the 24/7 rule?


Lita: Thanks Cyber I...

GMCS: Rest Lita you will need all strength for tonight.

GMCS kisses Lita's cheek and leaves the trainer's room and heads for his office.

JR: Who was the phone, I wonder.

King: I don't know but did you GM Cyberstrike's face I've never seen him like that before.

JR: Be that as it may be next up is a #1 contendership match for the TV title.

King Yeah it is going to be Powermaster vs the Road Dogg for the #1 contendership!

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X-WCW presents: Ground Zero IV: The Return
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xx Re: X-WCW: Ground Zero (PPV)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 1st, 2004, 05:07am »

#1 Contender ship match for the X-WCW TV title
Powermaster vs Road Dogg

JR: This is a match that GM Cyberstrike just annocounced a few days ago.

King: Yeah it is a #1 contendership match for the X-WCW TV Title!

The Wolfpac music hits as Powermaster with a mic walks toward the ring

King: Oh great we have to listen to him.

PM: INDIANAPOLIS WOLFPAC IN THE HOUSE!!! Road Dogg I know you think that you’re big and bad, but when I'm done with you you'll be just another victim of the Wolfpac's hunger for gold, money, women, and power!

"Oh you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!!!!"

Road Dogg runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope and Powermaster starts kicking him.

JR: This is going to be a slobberkocker.

King: It sure is.

JR: Powermaster is putting the boots to him

King: The Road Dogg is just baiting him!

Road Dogg grabs Powermaster's leg and pulls him down and jumps and starts punching him in the face. Powermaster rolls over and is suddenly reigning down on the Road Dogg as the referee tries to pull them apart. The referee pulls Powermaster off the Road Dogg, Powermaster shoves the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

JR: I don't believe it the ref has disqualified Powermaster!

King: Hey that is an old rule of wrestling that you don't touch the ref!

JR: I know that but still...

King: Rules are rules and the winner by a disqualification and more importantly the #1 contender for the TV title, Road Dogg!


In General Manager Cyberstrike's office he is talking on the speakerphone

GMCS: If you have the guts come on in and join the battle royal.

Voice on speakerphone: All right but you better be ready.

GMCS: Fine I'll see you in the ring punk.

Voice: I'll see you.

GMCS turns the speakerphone off.

There is a knock on the door it is D-Extreme.

D-EX: You wanted to see me General Manager Cyberstrike?

GMCS: Yes, come in and call me CS.

D-EX: Now what it is this about?

GMCS: It is about us and the AWF. As you well know The AWF doesn't like us, they think we're a couple of nobodies well guess what?

D-EX: What?

GMCS: One of the AWF's superstars is coming here and has joined the Battle Royal for our World Heavyweight Title

So here is what we're going to do.

GMCS whispers something in D-Extreme's ear now. D-Extreme smiles and says:

"You got a deal" then leaves the room.

GMCS: So the AWF thinks it can send one of its champions to frighten me well I got news for them. I sure as hell am not sacred of him there and I'm sure, as hell am not scared here.

JR: King did you hear that one of the AWF's superstars is going to be here and in the battle royal!

King: I sure did! I don't know what to say who is it?

JR: Well speaking of our "competition" our next match has the ACW Hardcore Champion in it.

King: Rob De Silva and X-WCW's own Rob Van Dam and Chyna in a triple threat ladder match for the X-WCW TV title!

Triple Threat Ladder Match for X-WCW TV title
RSD vs RVD vs Chyna

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point plays as RVD makes his way to ring.

JR: If hadn't for De Silva sticking his nose in the match at Warzone we would have a TV champion already.

King: Yeah we but we wouldn't have this match.

DX's music hits as Chyna makes her way to ring and RVD does a baseball side dropkick into her chest knocking her to floor but Chyna gets to her feet and starts slugging it out with RVD.

JR: RVD isn't waiting for RDS he's jumpstarting this match!

King: Now this isn't fair why doesn't wait for RDS?

"I Disappear" by Meatallica hits and RDS runs out to join the fray. RDS nails both Chyna and RVD with a double closeline and starts kicking RVD in the shoulder area.

JR: RDS seems to focusing on the shoulder of RVD to keep him from climbing a ladder

King: A good idea if you ask me.

JR: Well, no one asked you.

As Chyna gets to her feet she grabs RDS hair and slams him into the steel ring stairs and kicks RVD in the groin. As RDS gets to back to his feet he nails Chyna with a low blow.

JR: RDS has a chance to use the ladder and get the TV title!

King: That's what he's doing.

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X-WCW presents: Ground Zero IV: The Return
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xx Re: X-WCW: Ground Zero (PPV)
« Reply #2 on: Jun 1st, 2004, 05:08am »

RDS collapses the ladder on the outside of the ring and slides into the ring RVD suddenly appears and nails him with a spinning heel kick knocking RDS to the floor.

JR: RVD! How did he do that?

King: I don't know but I wish he would stop

As RVD sets up the ladder in the ring and starts climbing while Chyna makes her way over to RDS and gives him a Pedigree on the floor!

JR: Chyna just drilled RDS into the floor!

King: She should be going after RVD who is almost to the belt!

JR: You're right King RVD is almost there!

King: Of course I'm right!

RVD is about to unfasten the belt when Chyna does a low blow and grabs him pulls him down to ring and begins to climb as RDS gets to top of the turnbuckle and dropkicks the ladder, knocking the ladder over and Chyna falls on top of RVD!

JR: Good God! It looks like a car wreck!

King: Now RDS is setting up the ladder.

RDS sets up the ladder then throws the out cold RVD and Chyna out of the ring.

JR: RDS looks like he is going to win it!

King: Seems that way!

Suddenly Triple H comes running down the ramp and slides into ring and pushes the ladder with RDS

out of the ring. Triple H repositions the ladder under the belt and grabs Chyna and reawakens her.

As Chyna slowly climbs the ladder as Triple H watches RVD and RDS. Chyna grabs the belt and pulls it down

for the win!

JR: Chyna with the help of Triple H wins this not right!

King: Now what about the Road Dogg's #1 contender ship?

JR: I don't know!

Triple H helps Chyna to the locker room as RDS and RVD come to.

JR: there is going to be some serious Hell to pay!

King: You got that right! But we got a TV champion CHYNA!


A limo pulls up with the front license plate saying AWF 4-Life.

JR: That must be the AWF superstar that GM Cyberstrike talked about.

King: Who is it?

JR: I have no idea.

King: Well no one is getting out. He must be waiting for the Battle Royal.

X-WCW Tag-Team Championship match

The Wreckers vs K-Krush and Scotty 2 Hotty

"WAR" plays as the Twintwist and Topspin walk down the ring with the Tag-team title belts over their shoulders.

JR: A huge reception for the Tag-Team Champions!!

King: Do think after what happened to Impactor this has changed their battle plans?

JR: In a one word: NO.

King: Ok just checking.

K-Krush's music hits and he makes his way to ring he stops half way to wait for his tag-team

partner: Scotty 2 Hotty! As Scotty makes his way to ring he meets his partner and the two them start

fighting each other!

King: Scotty 2 Hotty and K-Krush what a team.

JR: You got that right these two have never gotten a long in the past and now they have a chance to be Tag Team Champions? What gives? The referee has sound for the bell and the Wreckers are just standing in the ring.

As Scotty and K-Krush continued to fight on the floor the ref starts a 10 count and the Wreckers just wait in the ring.

JR: The ref is up to 8 and these two are still at it.

King: 9..10 The Wrecker win by count out!

JR: Oh come on these fans deserve more than that.

Suddenly The Road Dodd and Triple H come out and start pounding on Scotty as the Wreckers make there to back

not paying any attention to the fight on the floor as K-Krush and the Road Dogg continue to beat on

Scotty, Triple H grabs a mic:

"Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce the newest member of DX K-Krush!"

As K-Krush rolls Scotty into the ring Triple H Pedigrees him!

Then the Road Dogg does his pump-handle slam!

JR: Good God! That is enough!! They’re going to hurt this kid!

King: I think DX is sending a strong message to rest of the X-WCW! Don't mess with DX!

JR: Now K-Krush is going to...NO! My God it is the K-Krusher!!

King: Scotty is hurting!

K-Krush leave as Triple H throws Scotty 2 Hotty on to the floor and awaits the other 19 men for the battle royal.

Backstage the limo opens and steps out AWF superstar Bombshell!

BS: So this the X-WCW? What a dump?

JR: The AWF superstar is Bombshell?!

King: Did you hear what he said?

JR: Yes, I did and what a jackass.

King: You got that right.
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xx Re: X-WCW: Ground Zero (PPV)
« Reply #3 on: Jun 1st, 2004, 05:08am »

The 20 Men Battle Royal for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title

Featuring: GM Cyberstrike, D-Extreme, Triple H, Wreck-Tron, Hulk Hogan, Bombshell, Sting, Lex Luger, The Big Show, Kane, The Undertaker, Chris Jechico, Chris Benoit, The Rock, Goldberg, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, HBK Test, and Kurt Angle.

As Triple H waits in the ring as the other 19 make there way to the ring after all 20 men are in the ring the ref sounds for the bell.

JR: Here we go!

King: One of these men will be the first X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

JR: The only to win is to be thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.

GMCS goes after Bret Hart and quickly throws him out! D-Extreme goes after the Kane as the Big Red Machine is fighting with The Big Show D-Extreme kicks Kane in the head and sends him to the floor. Triple H was after Sting. Sting tries the stinger splash in the corner but the Game moves out the way and Sting goes over the turnbuckle and to the floor. Hogan sees Triple H busy and tries to kick Triple H but the games sides steps him.

Hogan goes to floor. Test tries to kick Wreck-Tron, but WT ducks and Test goes to floor. WT is then thrown out by the Rock, GMCS then back body drops the Rock to the floor. Goldberg spears Y2J over the top rope only to have Benoit closeline him from behind! The Undertaker side steps Luger and Luger goes to the floor. Bombshell tries to attack the American Badass from behind the Undertaker choakslams Bombshell to mat! Triple H then attacks The Undertaker and GMCS close lines both of them to floor Kurt Angle climbs to the top turnbuckle for a moonsult on to Bombshell but D-Extreme shoves him off and to floor. As GMCS picks up Bombshell to throw him out Bombshell starts fighting with GMCS but D-Extreme attacks him from behind! As the two men put the boots to the AWF superstar as Bombshell tries to get back to his feet D-Extreme slides under the bottom rope and grabs two steel chairs but as D-Extreme gets the chairs Bombshell lowbrows GMCS.

D-Extreme slides one chair in and Bombshell spears threw the middle rope the chair flies out of his hand and GMCS tries to grab it only to get speared by BS who grabs the chair. Suddenly D-Extreme hits Bombshell over the head with the chair that sends him back to the ropes. As GMCS gets to his feet he grabs the other chair and tells D-Extreme to get ready as Bombshell gets a double chair shot that sends him over the top rope! Then D-Extreme and GMCS stare at each other and GMCS grins and turns steps over the top rope and hops to the floor! ALLOWING D-EXTREME TO WIN THE MATCH!

JR: I don't believe it GM Cyberstrike as given the match to


King: Who cares we got ourselves a World Champion! D-EXTREME IS THE FIRST X-WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

As D-Extreme celebrates in the ring GMCS rolls a knocked out Bombshell. Back into the ring and gets a mic and says:

"If anyone else from the AWF wants to try there luck come on down!"

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X-WCW presents: Ground Zero IV: The Return
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