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xx 8) Warzone #4
« Thread started on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:45pm »

X-WCW Warzone opens with the Titantron showing images from Revolution


JR: It is just Triple H and Cyberstrike!

King: This is it!

After Y3B leaves the ring and heads to the back. Cyberstrike enters the ring as Triple H waits for him but

Out of nowhere comes Bombshell and Powermaster!

JR: What the hell are they doing here?!

King: Cyberstrike said he a plan and I think it has just came together!

With the X-WCW Tag-Team title belts nail Triple H with them from behind and each of the tag champs powerbomb Triple H and Cyberstrike pins but gets a two count!

JR: Triple H won’t stay down!

King: I don’t believe it!

Then RVD comes out with a steel chair and nails Triple H with it and jumps up on to top turnbuckle as Powermaster puts a steel chair on the chest of Triple H. RVD gives Triple H a Five Star Frog Splash!

JR: This has to be it!

King: No way will Triple H kick out of it!

Cyberstrike goes the pin and gets another two count!

JR: You’ve got to be kidding me.

King: Cyberstrike is pissed!

With Triple H lying on the mat Lita comes running down with a Wreck-Tron’s sledgehammer and hands it to her boyfriend. Cyberstrike hit HHH in the gut and has Lita hit him with a Moonsult, RVD hits him another Five Star and Powermaster and Bombshell each powerbomb Triple H!

JR: Come on that is enough just pin him and go home!

Cyberstrike picks up the knocked out HHH and Bombshell puts him a steel chair Cyberstrike gives HHH a Breakdown on the chair and pins him for a three count!

TH: The Winner and still X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion and new CEO Cyberstrike!

JR: Cyberstrike wins! What the hell are they doing now!

King: Lita is handing Cyberstrike something!

Cyberstrike spray paints nTo on Triple H’s back. Cyberstrike grabs Terri Hotbody’s mic and speaks


JR: He just fired Triple H?!

King: Good riddenance to bad rubbish!

JR: Cyberstrike is right they got all the gold except the TV Title!

King: The nTo is here and they are running the show and what show it will be!

After the showing the footage the Fireworks go off as James Russell and Randal King start the show

JR: After a night of contervsey and shocks the nTo are here and their leader Cyberstrike now owns the X-WCW

I’m James Russell and the man next to me is Randal King and tonight our new CEO has promised a surprise to shock everybody.

King: After last night I think everybody knows that Cyberstrike is a man of his word.
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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #1 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:47pm »

n T o followed by Dope’s “No Chance” hits the speaker as Cyberstrike, Lita, Rob Van Dam, Powermaster, and Bombshell all come to the ring each with a title belt around there waists. The crowd seems to have a mixed reaction to the nTo.

Cyberstrike with a mic addresses everybody:

CS: Thank you for that warm welcome it means a lot to us really. I mean you guys should be grateful that the nTo even bothers to show up in this town.

The crowd boos and hisses at the nTo. They all just laugh at it.

CS: Ok down to business. We have all the gold except the X-WCW Television Championship now Scotty 2 Hotty I

Know you are back there so why don’t come out and join the nTo?

JR: They’re asking Scotty 2 Hotty to join the nTo?

King: If Scotty is smart he will join the nTo.

As “Turn it Up” hits the speakers Scotty comes out to the stage with a mic.

S2H: You want me to join the nTo?

CS: Yes, you will be a great addition to the team.

S2H: Addition well I never was all that good at math here is my answer.

Scotty drops the mic turns around and drops his pants and moons the nTo! As the crowd goes nuts with laughter Cyberstrike frowns with anger.

Scotty pulls up his pants and the picks up the mic.

S2H: That’s my answer!

CS: You know wiseass now that I’m the CEO of the company and I could strip you of the title and give it to some one else.

Before Scotty could reply Rob De Silva and K-Krush come running through the crowd and jump over the guard rail and attack Rob Van Dam and Cyberstrike Scotty runs down the ramp and jumps in then Hulk Hogan runs out from the back and takes the fight straight to Cyberstrike. As RDS, K-Krush, and Scotty pound on RVD finally the nTo head to the stage Hogan grabs the mic

HH: You know Cyberbitch ever since I got here you have never faced me one-on-one alone so about this tonight

me and you for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title?

Cyberstrike asks for a mic.

CS: YOU’RE ON! In fact how we do it twice?

JR: Twice what is he talking about?

King: I dunno

CS: We do it tonight you way a man to man match but at Bloodbath me and you in a TRIPLE CAGE?!

HH: You know what Cyber you got it!

CS: As for the rest of you tonight we will have a first! The first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for both the TV and US titles!

JR: A fatal four way TLC match for both the X-WCW US and TV titles King that is huge!

King: Does Cyberstrike know how to on a great show or what?

The nTo return to the back leaving Hulk Hogan, K-Krush, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Rob De Silva in the ring wondering what they just got into as Warzone goes to a commercial break.

JR: Y3B challenged D-Extreme at Doubleshot and cost him the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title

King: Show the footage!

Video package

JR : X-OCUTION!!! X-OCUTION!!! HE goes for the pin…wait a sec, Y3B enters the stage and runs down to the ring and breaks the pin…The Ref disqualifies Cyberstrike but Cyberstrike is still the champion!!!!!

Y3B then punches D-Extreme with lefts and rights but D-Extreme blocks one of the punch and kicks Y3B in the gut and hits Y3B with the X-OCUTION. Cyberstrike rolls down the ring and gets his belt as he flees back to the backstage area


JR: D-Extreme then heads to the ramp and looks at the ring as Y3B is up

D-Extreme: Y3B!!!! You dare screw me tonight?! Well I have to tell you something. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A NO DQ MATCH AT WARZONE!!!!

Y3B: You want it? YOU GOT IT PUNK!!!!

JR: Y3B and D-Extreme will face each other on Warzone in a no-dq match!

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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #2 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:48pm »

No Disquification match
D-Extreme vs Y3B

TH: The following match is set for one fall and is no disquifilcation first from parts unknown D-Extreme!

As "Stand Up and Shout" by Fozzy hits the speakers and as D-Extreme comes down the ramp he greeted by cheers!

JR: D-Extreme was the first X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion and he wants the gold back in a bad way.

King: Well I think the Xtreme one has bitten off more than he can chew!

TH: His oppononant from Vancouver British Columbia Canada Y3B Blaster_86!

As “Slow Me Down” by Default hits the speakers and as Y3B comes down the speakers he is greeted by a mixed reaction.

JR: He is a former AWF Tag-Team and World Champion, can Y3B beat D-Extreme here?

King: He can beat D-Extreme anywhere and any kind of match. He pinned him at Revolution in the Sucide Six match.

JR: Well you do have a point.

The referee sounds for the bell and D-Extreme and Y3B hook up. Y3B kicks D-Extreme in the gut and scoop slams

Him to the mat. D-Extreme quickly gets back to his feet and Y3B grabs him send him into a corner followed by a massive closeline that sends D-Extreme to the mat. Y3B goes for a pin but gets a two count only.

JR: A near fall only

King: It is still early in the match!

Y3B sends D-Extreme out to the floor. As Y3B follows The Xtreme One to the floor, D-Extreme meets him with a kick to the mid section and whips him into the ring steps!

JR: That has got to hurt!

King: No kidding!

Y3B is trying to catch his breath as D-Extreme picks him up by his hair and bashes his head into the ring post! D-Extreme grabs his feet and lines him up for a slingshot into the ring post!

JR: Oh come on once was enough! I’ve never seen this kind of aggression out of D-Extreme

Kling: I think D-Extreme is seeing Cyberstrike’s face in this match!

As D-Extreme slingshots Y3B into the ring post Y3B is busted open! As Y3B lays badly bleeding on the floor The Xtreme goes to the bell keep’s station and grabs a steel chair and heads back to where Y3B is trying to get back his feet. As D-Extreme hits him with a stiff chair shot but Y3B doesn’t go down so D-Extreme hits him again but he is still standing.

JR: How is he still standing?

King: I don’t know but that is why I picked him to win.

D-Extreme goes back a few feet and comes running at him with the chair but Y3B ducks and with a drop toehold sends D-Extreme crashing to floor on the steel chair!

JR: Where did that come from?!

King: I told you that Y3B is tough!

JR: There is no auguring that fact...

King: Good shut up and watch the damn match!

Y3B takes a few seconds to catch his breath and grabs D-Extreme and rolls him into the ring and puts him in the Walls of Blaster!

JR: Walls of Blaster!

King: I think I saw D-Extreme tap!

JR: No you didn’t D-Extreme wouldn’t quit that easy.

King: Yeah right.

As D-Extreme tries to get to the bottom rope but passes out from the pain when Bombshell comes out of nowhere and breaks the hold and choakslams Y3B

JR: No Disquifictaion! No Disquification!

King: Shut up!

Bombshell puts D-Extreme on top of him and the referee counts the three count!

TH: The winner of the match D-Extreme!

JR: Why did Bombshell help out D-Extreme and why did he attack Y3B?

King: Well, him and Y3B have a history in the AWF maybe that has something to with it!

After that Bombshell choakslams D-Extreme then starts beating a bloodied Y3B!

JR: What the Hell?!

King: We got to get security out here!

Finally, the security guards come and get Bombshell out the ring as Warzone goes to a commercial break.

As Warzone comes back from the break Cole Ryan is standing by with Lita who has a challenge for Rob De Silva

CR: Lita what is you challenge for RDS?

Lita: As you may know Cole I’m now the ACW Hardcore Champion and I won it from RDS well I know he wants it back so I tell you what Rob me and you at Doubleshot for both the X-WCW and ACW Hardcore Titles in a Doubleshot Hardcore Challenge match you got the balls to face the Queen of Xtreme?

Suddenly Wreck-Tron comes walking in

WT: Do you think that I’m going to let this happen? Hell, NO I’m not! If anyone is going to be the X-WCW Hardcore Champion it is me! There is one thing you do about it and do you know what it is?

Lita: No, what?


Wreck-Tron walks off!

Lita: I will see you in the ring!!

Lita walks off!
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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #3 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:49pm »

Hardcore Championship Match:
Lita(c) vs Wreck-Tron

TH: The following match is set for one fall and is for the X-WCW Hardcore Championship! First from parts unknown Wreck-Tron!

As Megadeath’s “Motopsycho” hits the speakers the crowd comes alive as Wreck-Ton comes down toward the ring nursing his back and asking the referee to hold the ropes open so he could get in the ring.

JR: Wreck-Tron has been advised by doctors not to be here tonight after Cyberstrike powerbombed him off the stage at Revolution but he wouldn’t here of it.

King: You know why? He’s an idiot he knows he shouldn’t be here but he is still here.

TH: From Tampa, Florida repsenting the nTo she is both the X-WCW Hardcore Champion and ACW Hardcore Champion Lita!

As n..T..o followed by “Lovefurypassionenergy” by Boy Hits Car hits the speakers the crown boos Lita!

JR: Lita who is boyfriend is our new CEO Cyberstrike booked this match to cripple Wreck-Tron and put him out the X-WCW forever.

King: Good that where he belongs.

As the referee sounds for the bell Lita bounces off the rope and nails Wreck-Tron with a flying forearm smash that knocks Wreck-Tron out of the ring to the floor in front of the annocerners’ table!

JR: Wreck-Tron will be sore as hell after that!

King: James they’re coming our way.

Lita slides out of the ring as Wreck-Tron is getting to his feet. Lita starts looking under the ring for a weapon.

She finds a trash can turns around only to leveled by massive closeline by Wreck-Tron as Lita tries to get back her feet Wreck-Tron looks under the ring and finds his sledgehammer and points it to Lita!

JR: I think Wreck-Tron has had it with the Queen of Xtreme!

King: No, I can’t look.

As Lita runs back in the ring Wreck-Tron follows her Lita trips and begs for Wreck-Tron not hit her with the sledgehammer. Wreck-Tron listens to crowd screaming to hit suddenly running down the ramp it is Impactor with a steel chair!

JR: Impactor what does he want?

King: I think he is here to help Wreck-Tron!

As Impactor slides into ring he starts auguring with Wreck-Tron about who is going to hit Lita first! Then out of crowd comes RDS with a kendo stick and nails both Impactor and Wreck-Tron with it! Then sees Lita and hits her with the kendo stick with all of his might knocking Lita out cold then he grabs her and pulls her over Wreck-Tron

And the referee makes a three count!

TH: The Winner and still X-WCW Hardcore Champion Lita!

RDS grabs Terri Hotbody’s mic: Tonight I made sure that you won but at Doubleshot I will take back my belt and there is only two thing you can about it bitch: Like it and Nothing! RDS leaves the ring and goes to back as Lita, Wreck-Tron, and Impactor start to stir in the ring. Then Warzone goes to a commercial break.
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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #4 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:50pm »

X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs Cyberstrike(c)

TH: The following match is set for one fall and is for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

First the challenger from Hollywood, California. Hulk Hogan!! As “Real American” hits the speakers the crowd comes alive for HULKAMANIA!

JR: He is a living legend and tonight he goes for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

King: Who cares he is a has-been he should retire.

TH: He is the reigning and defending X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion form Indianapolis, Indiana Cyberstrike!

JR: The crowd doesn’t seem to like our boss do they?

King: They’re all idiots!

As n..T..o followed by “No Chance” by Dope hits the speaker and Cyberstrike comes down the ramp he greeted by boos and hisses. As he enters the ring Hogan nails him with a forearm smash sending him to floor Hogan quickly goes through the ropes and comes after Cyberstrike. Hogan grabs Cyberstrike and rams him face first into the ring post! Hogan then sends Cyberstrike into ring steps but Cyberstrike reverses it and sends Hogan into the steps! Cyberstrike gets into the ring and the referee sounds for the bell. Cyberstrike goes out to the floor and picks up Hogan by the hair and tries to smash his face into the ring post but Hogan blocks it and sends Cyberstrike into the ring post again!

Hogan rolls Cyberstrike back into the ring and starts choking him! The referee tell Hogan to break the hold Hogan finally does and drop an elbow on to Cyberstrike and goes for the pin, but gets a two count. Hogan picks Cyberstrike up by the hair and whips him to the corner and follows it up with a massive closeline and Cyberstrike crashes to the mat. Hogan signals for the leg drop when Powermaster comes running down the ramp and distracts the ref Hogan nails Powermaster with a punch to the face that sends Powermaster to the floor. As Hogan and the ref are busy stopping Powermaster from getting back in the ring finally

Security comes and escorts Powermaster to the back. Cyberstrike nails Hogan with a low blow and kicks with in the mid section and sets him up for a Breakdown! Cyberstrike Breakdowns Hogan and pins him for a two count! Hogan kicks out and Cyberstrike looks at Hogan in disbelief as he Hulks up! Cyberstrike punches him but Hogan doesn’t feel it! He nails Cyberstrike his massive punches and whips him into the ropes, Hogan catches Cyberstrike with a Big Boot! Hogan goes for the leg drop and pins Cyberstrike for a three count!

TH: The winner of and NEW X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan!

The bell rings and Hogan is declared the winner of the match.

Cyberstrike then looks at Hogan and he grabs Hogan and throws Hogan outside


King: Probably taking out another piece of trash! haha!!

Cyberstrike puts Hogan on the announce table and goes for a powerbomb, but Wreck-Tron rushes to the ring and pounds away on Cyberstrike before he could have powerbombed Hogan trough the table.

JR: Wreck-Tron now shoves Cyberstrike in the ring. Wreck-Tron hits a hard punch on Cyberstrike!!! WAIT A SEC!!!! D-EXTREME!!! D-EXTREME IS GOING IN THE RING.

D-Extreme has a sledgehammer and just looks at Wreck-Tron and Cyberstrike fight. Wreck-Tron points at D-Extreme and tells him not to interfere. D-Extreme just smiles as Wreck-Tron turns back at Cyberstrike, but Cyberstrike then hit a low blow at Wreck-Tron. WT turns around and D-Extreme clobbers him with the sledgehammer.

JR: WHAT THE?!...This aint happenin!!!

King: D-Extreme just helped out Cyberstrike?

Cyberstrike and D-Extreme now starts stomping away on Wreck-Tron. Hogan then goes to the ring and tries to save Wreck-Tron. But D-Extreme and Cyberstrike outnumber Hogan. Cyberstrike then grabs Hogan as D-Extreme grab Wreck-Tron. They both drag Wreck-Tron and Hogan outside D-Extreme then hits the X-OCUTION at Wreck-Tron. And Cyberstrike gets a table inside the apron and then D-Extreme puts Hogan at the table.

Cyberstrike and D-Extreme then grabs Wreck-Tron and they do a double choke slam at Wreck-Tron through the table where Hogan is!!! The table breaks, as Hogan and Wreck-Tron are lying motionless at the ground.

JR: DAMN THEM!!! DAMN THEM!!! They just have driven Wreck-Tron and Hogan trough a table!!!

King: Does this mean...the nTo is REALLY BACK?

D-Extreme and Cyberstrike then goes in the ring as the crow boos.

Cyberstrike: D-Extreme.... welcome back to the nTo!!! *Shakes D-Extreme's hand*

The 2 then raise their hands as Warzone goes to a break.
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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #5 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:52pm »

X-WCW US and X-WCW TV Title
Fatal Four Way TLC match:
Scotty 2 Hotty (TV champion) vs RVD (US Champion) vs
K-Krush vs Rob De Silva

TH: The following match the Fatal Four TLC Match for both The X-WCW TV Championship and the X-WCW US



Scotty 2 Hotty's Entrance music hits as he dances his way to the ring.

TH: Introducing first Weighing in at 212 pounds. He is the X-WCW TV Champion, SCOTTY 2 HOTTY!!!

Scotty enters the ring and waits for his opponent.


"Getting Rowdy" hits the stage as K-Krush makes his way to the ring.

TH: Weighing in at 220 pounds. K-KRUSH!!!!

K-Krush enters the ring

"Sabbra Cadabra" by Black Sabbath plays as Rob De Silva enters the stage and heads for the ring

TH: Also. He is from the ACW. ROB DE SILVA!!!!

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point plays as RVD comes out of the stage as the crowd chants "RVD"

TH: And finally, he is the X-WCW US champion. From Battle Creek Michigan. Weighing in at 250 pounds. ROB VAN DAM!!!!

The 4 men are now in the ring as the match starts.

JR: K-Krush and Scotty are going at it as RVD and RDS are fighting each other. K-Krush hits a sidekick on Scotty's face sending Scotty 2 Hotty outside.

King: That’s gonna leave a big mark at Scotty hehehe

K-Krush goes out of the ring and starts stomping at Scotty outside. Rob Van Dam starts pounding away on Rob De Silva in the ring.

JR: K-Krush grabs a chair and he floors Scotty with it!!! Somebody get that weapon away from him!

King: Hey everything is legal in this match remember?

Rob Van Dam misses a kick and Rob De Silva then hits a DDT on RVD. Rob De Silva then goes for a standing senton by RVD rolls away and Rob De Silva is down!

King: Yikes, nobody home for RDS!!!

K-Krush then puts up a table outside of the ring and he rolls Scotty back in the ring as he also goes back in.

JR: K-Krush tries to whip Scotty to the ropes, but Scotty reverses it!!! Scotty hits a backdrop on K-Krush, which sends K-Krush outside of the ring and crashing to the table!!!!

King: Too bad for the former DX member.

RVD and Scotty then look at each other then they whip RDS to the ropes and they hit De Silva with a double dropkick.

JR: RVD and Scotty now grabbing Rob De Silva and they whip him to the corner. Scotty grabs a chair and he places it on the ring as RVD does multiple kicks to the sides of Rob De Silva while RDS is at the corner. RDS is out of the corner…OH MY!!! Scotty just bulldogged Rob De Silva at the chair!

As Scotty goes for the WORM, RVD goes to the top ropes and hits a missile dropkick at Scotty as Scotty started hopping for the WORM!

JR: Missile Dropkick by RVD at Scotty! AND SCOTTY IS DOWN! ONLY RVD IS STANDING!!!

RVD goes outside and picks up a ladder and he gets it in the ring as he enters. He puts it up and he begins to climb it, but Scotty gets up and he pushes the ladder, sending RVD falling to the outside of the ring hard!!!

King: Serves RVD right!!!…Too bad though.

JR: This match is taking its toll on the 4 men!

Scotty then tries to put up the ladder again, but Rob De Silva gets up and he turns Scotty around and hits him with a superkick!

JR: Rob De Silva just floored Scotty with a amazing superkick. Scotty gets up and both men are exchanging blows. While outside K-Krush and Rob Van Dam are still out cold.

King: Wait a sec!!! K-Krush is getting up slowly outside, but he is still shaking off the cobwebs. GOOD FOR HIM!!! GO K-KRUSH!!!

JR:……right. Scotty blocks a punch from De Silva and he does a hip toss on RDS. RDS gets up but he is hip tossed yet again by Scotty. RDS gets up again and he tries to clothesline Scotty but Scotty 2 Hotty ducks and then hits a spinning DDT on RDS! Scotty grabs the ladder and places it back in the center of the ring but before he can climb, K-Krush slides in with a chair and levels Scotty with it!

RVD gets up and he enters the ring. He hits reverse DDT on K-Krush.

JR: RVD goes outside and gets another ladder and puts it in the ring as well!!! He starts climbing and he is on top!! He is getting the belts….HE’S GOT THE TV CHAMPIONSHIP!

TH: The winner of the TV Championship. ROB VAN DAM!!!

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xx Re: 8) Warzone #4
« Reply #6 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:52pm »

JR: He now tries to get the US belt but K-Krush gets up and pushes the ladder sending RVD to fall down outside yet again!!!

King: Ouch…that’s really gonna hurt for the 2nd time

JR: K-Krush goes outside and he props a table and puts RVD on top of it. K-Krush goes in the ring and he does a splash to the ropes and he crashes at RVD who was on top of the table!!! RVD just got smashed trough a table!!!!

King: I SEE WOOD!!!

JR: Scotty climbs to the top ropes and he does a moonsault to the outside and it hits K-Krush!!! Rob De Silva gets up and he sees the ladder. He starts climbing it but Scotty goes back to the ring and he also climbs the ladder. Both men are on the top. Both men are punching at each other…. but none of them are letting up!

King: They got guts…and stupidity!



JR and King leaves the announce table before Scotty and RDS crashed through the announce table.

JR: This is a very dangerous match we are witnessing!!! RVD IS DOWN SCOTTY 2 HOTTY IS DOWN!!! ROB DE SILVA IS DOWN!!! K-Krush is still in the ring. And no one is stopping him!!! He climbs to the ladder and he grabs the US title belt!!! WE GOT A NEW US CHAMPION!!!!


K-Krush's music hits the arena as he climbs down with the US Title belt and he heads backstage as the EMTs goes ringside and aids RVD, RDS and Scotty

JR: RVD is the new TV champion. K-Krush the new US Champion!

King: We’ll see you next at Doubleshot!
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