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Feb 18th, 2018, 3:55pm

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xx 9) Doubleshot #3
« Thread started on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:55pm »

Doubleshot opens up with:

The nTo’s stretch limo pulls into parking garage in Conseco Fieldhouse out steps Cyberstrike, Lita with both the X-WCW and ACW Hardcore tiles, Powermaster and Bombshell, with the X-WCW Tag-Team Titles, RVD with the TV Titles, and D-Extreme.

JR: The nTo have arrived

King: Good!

As the fireworks goes off as the nTo makes their way to ring each with a mic:

nTo followed by “No Chance” as they all come to the ring

PM: Indianapolis the nTo is IN THE HOUSE!

BS: The Wreckers have crying for a Tag-Team title match well they will face the might of PowerBomb!

JR: Cyberstrike looks really pissed off after losing the World Title to Hulk Hogan on Warzone

King: You got that right!

CS: HOGAN!! Tonight you will give me my rematch you old bastard and I will beat the hell out of you tonight and get my belt back and got to Bloodbath as the X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion and now that D-Extreme has joined the nTo we're stonger than ever and at Bloodbath I will kill HULKAMANIA when I throw his ass off the top of the Triple Cage and get my belt back!

RVD: Why does D-Extreme get to join the nTo with earning his place? You know me boss I don't trust him let me face him at Doubleshot I will put the TV Title on line.

CS: You got it!

Lita: Now I'm the X-WCW and the ACW Hardcore Champion I want Rob De Silva tonight in a Doubleshot Hardcore match the rules are so simple even he will understand them.

The X-WCW Hardcore Championship will be defended after I beat you ass then the ACW Hardcore title will be defended got it? Good! I also want this added stipulation Cyber I want no outside interference from anyone UNDERSTAND grant me this and I'll...

Lita whispers something in Cyberstrike's ear and Cyberstrike just smiles

CS: If that is what you want you got it sweetheart!

JR: The X-WCW Hardcore Title and the ACW Hardcore Title will be defended tonight on Doubleshot! King, I don’t believe it! This huge!

King: You had better believe it!

“Real American” Hits the speaker and Hogan comes to stage

HH: Hey brother...your now looking at the new X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion as well as the ACW World Heavyweight Champion and you want me Cyberstrike you got it brother! And about throwing me off the cage...ha! I still owe you one powerbomb through a table my friend and I always payback what I owe and as for killing HULKAMANIA, I don't think so because I know and you know and the nTo know and in fact everyone knows that


Then Sabbra Cadabra by Black Sabbath hits the speakers and Rob De Silva walks out with a mic and stands next to Hogan and gives him a high five.

RDS: Oh hey great now I get a chance to talk to want me at tonight well you got it! I spoke with OP and he signed the paperwork legally allowing an ACW title to be defended on X-WCW. So now to our match...well as I see it it's a tie. At ACW TV last week, you beat me for the title. But at the Malice In Wonderland I pinned you in a hardcore match to go on to the final 4 for the US/UK titles. So it's kind of fitting we have one big match both titles on the line and I'm glad you got your little boyfriend to make it so there’s no outside interfercenece from anyone. Oh and I can kinda guess what you just whispered to Cyberstrike what was it? Oh yes, you'd use the strap-on on him again! Ah ain't that sweet. Though he won't be needing it once Hogan shoves his boot up there, he won't be able to remove it any time soon! So the pair of you look to be losing very soon. And there’s 2 things you can do about it...nothing and LIKE IT!!

King: Strap-on? What a punk!


D-Extreme: Hogan you old retarded fool. When the nTo is done with you, your blood will spill in the will be left down there and bleeding!!! So you will do nothing about it...OLD MAN!!! You saw what happen to you and Wreck-Tron last night. So don’t risk it! Cause brother.....WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THE nTo IS GONNA RUN WILD ON YOU?! And to Rob De Silva, you cant cut the mustard last night and you were so how can you can even stand a chance against Lita? Why...*laughs* you don’t even stand a chance against a Mexican jumping bean!

JR: A Mexican...

King: ...jumping Bean?

D-Extreme turns and faces RVD.

D-EX: I know you don’t trust me Rob, but tonight it is nothing personal, but I will BEAT you for the X-WCW TV Title tonight!

JR: D-Extreme vs RVD it’s the nTo vs the nTo

King: The TV Championship is also on the line! What night this going to be!

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xx Re: 9) Doubleshot #3
« Reply #1 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:56pm »

HH: D-Extreme I mean cutting a promo where you make fun of my age and uses all my catchphrases is something that just about as old as me brother...and yea i am old, which makes your little leader Cyberstrike even more pathetic for losing against me brother!!!!

CS: You know Hogan the more I see you with the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title I would rather see it around the waist that bigger loser Wreck-Tron!!

Suddenly Wreck-Tron appears on the Titantron and says:

WT: I'm The Mecha of Wrecka, The Lavamancer God and I want my title shot so Hogan and Cyberstrike I went to

The X-WCW Board of Directors or BoD I like to call them and guess what?

Tonight it will be all three of in a Triple Threat Match for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title!

Hogan, Cyberstrike and Me The Mecha of Wrecka and as a special bonus-The referee will be Y3B Blaster_86!!

CS: What?!

*Cyberstrike call the BoD on his cell phone and after a few tense minutes he turns his cell off* picks up his mic:

It seems that Wreck-Tron is right tonight it will be a Triple Threat Match with Y3B as the special guest referee. With the winner going straight to Bloodbath into Triple Cage Match! But what the BoD didn’t get a chance to tell Wreck-Tron is

that two losers of Triple Threat Match will face each other at Bloodbath in a Barbed Wire/First Blood Match to become #1 Contender and to get the Champion in the Triple Cage Match also at Bloodbath!

JR: My God if the Triple Cage Match wasn’t big enough a #1 Contender Barbed Wire/First Blood Match also at Bloodbath!

King: What a shocking announcement!!

X-WCW Tag-Team Championship
Topspin and Twintwist vs PowerBomb(c)

JR: We’re here now for the Tag Title Match!!!

King: This is gonna be great

"WAR" hits as Topspin and Twintwist makes their way to the ring

TH: Making their way to the ring. Topspin and Twintwist..THE WRECKERS!!!

JR: The Wreckers want the Tag-Team Titles back in the worse way. You know that Twintwist and Topspin are going to try to hurt Bombshell and Powermaster to get those belts back.

King: Well he didn’t have to accept the match either!

"Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin rollin WHAT?!"

TH: And their opponents, the X-WCW Tag Team Champions...BOMBSHELL AND POWERMASTER!!!

After a few seconds, Bombshell and Powermaster still hasn’t entered the stage. Topspin and Twintwist wonders and asks the officials. the officials are stumped as well. Until the lights go out.



The lights go back on and Bombshell and Powermaster are seen in the ring and we see Topspin and Twintwist down. Bombshell pins Topspin and Powermaster pins Twintwist at the same time. The referee has no choice but to count

JR: 1...2...3...Bombshell and Powermaster still retains their belts...strange thing is.... how did they beat up the Wreckers so fast when the lights gone out?

King: Don’t ask JR, it’s like your asking if the egg came before the chicken or the other way around!

JR: Oh never mind

TH: The winners. And still X-WCW tag team champions...BOMBSHELL AND POWERMASTER!!!

Bombshell and Powermaster leaves the ring with their belts.
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xx Re: 9) Doubleshot #3
« Reply #2 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:57pm »

X-WCW US Championship
Impactor vs K-Krush(c)

TH: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the X-WCW US Championship First from parts unknown Impactor!

As “WAR” hits the speakers and Impactor comes down to the ring, the crowd comes to its feet!

JR: This going to be an interesting match Impactor’s first non-hardcore match and K-Krush’s first title defense

King: Personally I don’t see why Impactor got the title shot RVD is number one contender isn’t he?

JR: No, RVD lost that when he became the TV Champion

King: I’m totally lost.

JR: That doesn’t surprise me.

TH: He is the new X-WCW US Champion K-Krush

“Get Rowady” hits the speakers and K-Krush is met by boos from the crowd.

JR: Not a warm welcome for K-Krush is it?

King: No, but the fans are fickle anyway.

The referee sounds for the bell and Impactor and K-Krush hook up. K-Krush pushes Impactor down to the mat. Impactor quickly gets back to his feet and throws K-Krush out to the floor and jumps out and starts kicking the US Champ down!

The ref starts a ten count and before Impactor realizes it he and K-Krush are both counted out!

JR: A double count out!!

King: Who is the US Champion?

TH: The winner...

Then nTo followed by Dope’s “No Chance” and GM Cyberstrike steps out on to the stage with a mic:

The winner is neither one of them I will not allow a double count out to ruin my belts so this what we’re going to do.

At Bloodbath Impactor, K-Krush, and the loser of the RVD-D-Extreme match will have an A No-Holds Barred Falls Count anywhere match for the now vacant US Title!

JR: What else is Cyberstrike going to do tonight?

King: I don’t know but Bloodbath is shaping up to be great ppv!

JR: We’ll be back after a word form our sponsors.

Backstage in the Wrecker’s locker room Twintwist, Topspin, and Impactor nursing their wounds.

IM: Man I’m sick of this crap night after night we bust our asses to be the best and then the nTo show up and steal our thunder, well at Bloodbath I’m taking the X-WCW US Heavyweight Championship are you two with me yes or no?

TS and TT: Yes!

CR: I’m back here with K-Krush. K-Krush how do you feel about Cyberstrike’s decesion?

KK: What do you think? It sucks I won that title in a TLC match and now not only have been stripped of the title I now have to face three men one I don’t know who it will be yet.

CR: Who would you rather face in the match at Bloodbath RVD or D-Extreme?

KK: I don’t know or care

Wreck-Tron walks in and grabs the mic from Cole Ryan

WT: Why don’t you join me in reforming the only group that beat the nTo on a regular bias the MPA?

KK: Sure why not?

WT: Great we’ll recruit some more people and the nTo won’t know what hit them.

CR: The MPA is back?!

Cyberstrike sees this interview in his office with PowerBomb.

CS: Well since Wreck-Tron is hell bent on this I might has well give him his chance if he can get that is. Powermaster, Bombshell you will defend the X-WCW Tag Team Tiltes against The Wreckers and The So-Called MPA in a Triangle Ladder Match but with a twist you see in this ladder match the object is still get a ladder and climb it and get the belts but it will be fought under normal tag team rules you still have to tag in your partners and the other rules of wrestling. Do either of you have a problem with this?

BS and PM: No we don’t!

BS: In fact lets up the stakes for the “MPA” lets make all their matches a Triple Threat Theater?

PM: Yeah and if they want to be an official faction they have to win all of the matches there in.

CS: I LOVE IT!! Come Bloodbath the MPA will be buried once and for all!

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xx Re: 9) Doubleshot #3
« Reply #3 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:58pm »

X-WCW TV Championship
D-Extreme vs RVD (c)

TH: The following match is set for one fall and is for the X-WCW TV Championship first from parts unknown resenting the nTo D-Extreme!

nTo followed by Fozzy’s “Stand Up and Shout” as the newest member of the nTo makes his way down the ramp the fans chant “SELL-OUT!!” at him.

JR: The fans don’t like D-Extreme’s defection to the nTo do they King?

King: I know why they don’t.

JR: Why is that?

King: They’re jealous of his success and the success of the nTo.

TH: Also repsenting the nTo from Battle Creek, Michigan he is the new X-WCW TV Champion Rob Van Dam!

As nTo followed by “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point hits the speakers and RVD comes running down the ramp, and starts the match as the referee calls for the bell. As D-Extreme starts hitting RVD with massive punches and sends RVD to the floor.

JR: D-Extreme is not letting RVD get his breath.

King: D-Extreme is throwing him into the ring post.

D-Extreme tosses RVD back into the ring and goes for a pin but gets only a two count. D-Extreme sets RVD up a X- OCUTION but RVD kicks D-Extreme in the small of the back. As The Extreme One hits the mat RVD jumps to the top rope and nails a Five-Star Frog splash on to the back of D-Extreme!

JR: What a counter to D-Extreme’s X-OCUTION!

King: RVD hooks the leg and 1.2..3! RVD wins and D-Extreme is going to Bloodbath to face Impactor and K-Krush

In a Triple Threat No-Holds-Barred Falls Count Anywhere Match for now vacant X-WCW US Heavyweight Championship!

TH: The winner and still X-WCW TV Champion RVD!

As the two men get up RVD holds out his hand and D-Extreme shakes it and they raise their arms up together and walk to back together.

JR: What class weather you like the nTo or not that’s class.

King: RVD and D-Extreme are showing what the nTo is all about!

JR: Ladies and gentleman up next for the first time ever in the history of both the X-WCW and the ACW both

Federation’s Hardcore Titles will be defended at the same time.

King: I can’t wait!

As Doubleshot comes back on the air.

Wreck-Tron is walking down the hall when he sees Hogan. Wreck-Tron walks up to Hogan and says.

WT: We need to talk

HH: Ok so what we going to talk about?

WT: I got a deal for you.

HH: Oh really?

WT: Look lets talk somewhere else.

HH: How about my locker room?

WT: Ok fine.

The two men walk back to Hogan’s locker room.

JR: Wreck-Tron has deal for Hogan?

King: I hope Cyberstrike throws them out of the X-WCW for it!

JR: Be that as it may folks we’re going to show you how Lita won the ACW Hardcore Championship

King: This is from ACW TV #1 so roll the footage:

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xx Re: 9) Doubleshot #3
« Reply #4 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 10:59pm »

ACW Hardcore Title Match

Rob De Silva (c) vs. Lita

JS: "Well it seems the match has already started in the back. Seems like RDS heard what Lita said about him"

Lita gets thrown through the curtain and onto the stage followed by RDS. He smacks Lita across the back with a stop sign and throws her into the ring. RDS follows but gets caught by Lita who smacks him in the stomach with a steel chair. Lita relentlessly beats the crap out of RDS with the chair. Shots to the head, stomach, back and legs finally knock RDS down. Lita pulls a ladder out from under the ring, sets it up and climbs to the top.

JS: "Look at the height she’s at....OH MY GOD!"

Lita hits a cross body onto RDS! 1..2...kick out on 2!

Lita can't believe it and she turns round straight into a superkick from De Silva. De Silva props up a table into the corner. and goes back to Lita. Scooping her up he hits a running powerslam onto a trashcan, crushing it completely. RDS has a chair set up..he runs off the chair jumps onto the ropes and hits the Homicidal, Suicidal Genocidal Splash...2...kick out again!! He grabs Lita and signals for the end but Lita hits a low blow. Both of them are down and slowly get back up.RDS grabs a chair but Lita dropkicks it into his face! Lita climbs up to the top rope where the table is propped up. RDS turns around and Lita Hunnicarannas RDS straight into the propped up table! 1....2....3!! WE have a NEW ACW Hardcore champion!!

WINNER: Lita - New ACW Hardcore Champion!

JR: We’re happy to have a guest host for this historic match ACW annocerner Joey Styles!

King: Welcome Joey to X-WCW Doubleshot!

JS: Thanks for having me here!

JR: You’re welcome

King: Same here

JS: Lets get the match started shall we?

Doubleshot Hardcore Challenge for BOTH the X-WCW Hardcore Championship and the ACW Hardcore Championship
Rob De Silva vs Lita(c)(c)

TH: The following match is The Doubleshot Hardcore Challenge for both the X-WCW Hardcore Championship and ACW

Hardcore Championship and is set for two falls. First the challenger from parts unknown weighing in at 276 pounds Rob De Silva RDS!!

As “Sabbra Cadabra” by Black Sabbath hits the speakers RDS comes down the ramp and enters the ring.

JR: RDS has shown the X-WCW fans something

King: Yeah like how awful he is.

JS: Rob De Silva is one best wrestler on the planet today and you should be grateful he comes here at all.

TH: From Tampa, Florida she is both the X-WCW Hardcore Champion and ACW Hardcore Champion-The Queen of Extreme Lita!

As “Lovefurypassionenergy” by Boy Hits Car hits the speakers as Lita comes down toward the ring. As Lita hands both belts

to the referee Lita looks ready!

JR: To falls the first one will be for the X-WCW Hardcore Championship and the second is for the ACW Hardcore Championship!

King: Like the ACW will always be to the X-WCW second

JS: Why don’t you shut up?

JR: Gentlemen please keep you minds on your jobs.

The ref sounds for the bell and the match begins with Lita running out of the ring and RDS in hot pursuit.

JS: Some champion she’s afraid

King: Lita is smarter than RDS and she’s got a plan.

JR: God, give me strength

Lita runs back into the ring and as RDS slides under the bottom rope she starts kicking him!

King: I told you so!

JS: Please shut up nobody cares

JR: Lita’s go a weapon!

As RDS still trying to get his feet Lita has gotten a steel chair and hits RDS in the back with it three times! Lita then drops the chair and out to the floor and gets from out under the ring a trashcan and a table. RDS finally gets back to his feet and picks up the steel chair that Lita hit him with. As Lita is trying to set up the table outside of the ring, she doesn’t see RDS climb to the top rope with the steel chair in hand.

JR: What is going to do.

King: Look out Lita! Turn around!

JS: It is the Tri-Star Frog Splash!

RDS leaps with the chair in hand and nails Lita with it! RDS goes for the pin 1..2..3!!

TH: The winner and new X-WCW Hardcore Champion Rob De Silva!!

King: I don’t believe it!

JS: RDS has finally got the X-WCW Hardcore Championship!

JR: The next fall is for the ACW Hardcore Championship.

RDS tries another pin but Lita kicks out as RDS picks Lita up by her hair she kicks him the groin and grabs the trash can and

Hits RDS over the head with it and RDS low blows Lita at the same the time! Both crash to the floor and the referee starts the

Ten count as Lita and RDS are both still down as Doubleshot goes to a commercial break.

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xx Re: 9) Doubleshot #3
« Reply #5 on: Jun 2nd, 2004, 11:00pm »

Doubleshot comes back on the air with both RDS and Lita still down as the referee is up to seven as they both get back to their feet.

JR: We’re back with this historic match

King: Lita is back up

JS: So is RDS!

RDS grabs Lita and supplexs her through the table she had set up earlier in the match.

King: RDS is greedy why does he want to be both the X-WCW Hardcore Champion and the ACW Hardcore Champion?

JS: That is the kind of competitor he is.

RDS pins her but gets a two count only. As RDS picks her Lita is able to roll him into a small package and gets a two count. Lita crawls under the ring but RDS is right after her.

King: Is RDS that hard up for a date?

JR AND JS at the same time: WILL PLEASE SHUT UP?

Lita crawls out from under the ring with a sledgehammer and RDS crawls out she nails him in the head with it! Lita pins RDS and gets the three count!

TH: The winner and still ACW Hardcore Champion-LITA!

Cyberstrike comes running out to check on Lita. As Cyberstrike helps Lita up he grabs a mic:

CS: You think that now you’re X-WCW Hardcore Champion I’m going light on you at Bloodbath it will be you and Y3B in a

Iron Man Hardcore match and Lita is the special guest referee!

As Cyberstrike and Lita walk to the back the emts get an out cold RDS out of the ring.

JS: Well I better go and check on RDS James it is been a pleasure and Randal you are an asshole.

King: What?

JR: Thanks see you! Ladies and gentlemen next is our main event!

X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match:
Cyberstrike vs Wreck-Tron vs Hulk Hogan(c) with Y3B as special guest referee

TH: The following match is set for one fall and is a Triple Threat Match for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

First introducing the special guest referee Y3B!

As “Slow Me Down” by Default hits the speakers as Y3B comes down the ramp and enters the ring.

JR: The losers of this match face each other at Bloodbath in a Barbed Wire/First Blood match to be the #1 contender to face the Champion in a Triple Cage Match also at Bloodbath!

King: Bloodbath is going to be off the chart!

TH: The first challenger from parts unknown The Mecha of Wrecka, Wreck-Tron!

As “Motopsycho” by Megadeath hits the speakers Wreck-Tron comes out wearing a MPA t-shirt and the crowd starts chanting MPA! MPA! MPA!

JR: Wreck-Tron has said that at Bloodbath the MPA will return!

King: Yeah but Wreck-Tron and K-Krush win every match before Cyberstrike will recognize them as a faction.

TH: The second challenger he is the CEO and General Manager of the X-WCW form Indianapolis, Indiana Cyberstrike!

As nTo followed by Dope’s “No Chance” Cyberstrike walks down the ramp and the crowd boos at him!

JR: I don’t Cyberstrike’s hometown likes him.

King: They should like him after all he has done for this city.

TH: From Tampa, Florida he is the new X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan!

As “Real American” hits the speakers and Hogan comes out and rips his “HULKAMANIA” shirt to revel a MPA shirt!

JR: What the hell Hogan has joined the MPA?

King: Now this unfair Cyberstrike has to face two member of a team that has tried to put the nTo out of business countless times in the past?

As Hogan enters the ring Y3B sounds for the bell and Hogan and WT start a double team on Cyberstrike. Wreck-Tron whips

Cyberstrike into the corner and Hogan follows up with a massive closeline to Cyberstrike in the corner. Cyberstrike crashes to mat. Hogan pins him Y3B makes a two count when grabs his arm in pain!

King: Y3B must have a shoulder cramp!

JR: Shoulder cramp my ass

Hogan and Wreck-Tron quickly get into Y3B’s face when RVD and D-Extreme attack Hogan and Wreck-Tron from behind,

as Y3B checks on Cyberstrike.

JR: The nTo are interfering why doesn’t Y3B do something?

King: He is checking on Cyberstrike

D-Extreme throws Wreck-Tron out of the ring and hits him a X-OCUTION!

King: Wreck-Tron may not make it to Bloodbath

JR: You may be right!

As RVD kicks Hogan in the face followed by Rolling Thunder then RVD jumps on to the top rope and hits Hogan with the Five Star Frog splash!

JR: A Five Star Frog Splash!

King: More like a Ten Star Frog Splash

Cyberstrike picks Hogan up and nails him with a Breakdown and pins Y3B makes a quick three count!

JR: No damn it Hogan kick out!

King: Cyberstrike has got his belt back!

TH: The winner and new X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion Cyberstrike!

K-Krush comes running down and attacks Cyberstrike! Then Bombshell and Powermaster come running down the ramp and

Bombshell choakslams K-Krush then RDS comes down to the ring only Lita nails him from behind with the ACW Hardcore title belt!

JR: It has broken down the nTo are taking the MPA apart!

King: I’m Randal King and this James Russell we’ll see you at Bloodbath
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