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Feb 18th, 2018, 3:58pm

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xx 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Thread started on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:44am »

Doubleshot #5 comes the air we see James Russell and Randal King sitting in front of a desk.

JR: Hi everybody I’m James Russell with my partner and welcome to this special edition of Doubleshot! Tonight we take a look back this year for X-WCW and what year it has been.

RK: But don’t think it all old matches we here at X-WCW believe that you should get surprise so we taped two very important matches earlier that will we show you later on. One is a Ladder Match for the X-WCW TV Title when Deathscream vs Chris Jericho

JR: That is right but now we should take you back to very first Warzone and what happened in X-WCW TV Title Match

RK: Roll the footage slap nuts!

From Warzone #1

TV Title match to decide who will be the first X-WCW TV Champion!
Rob Van Dam vs Chyna

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point ushers in Rob Van Dam.

As RVD waits in the ring Chyna come out to "Don't Treat Me Like You Know Me"

with Triple H carrying a sledgehammer!

JR: What the hell is he doing out here?

King: Triple H come over to the broadcast table!

Triple H grabs the headset and screams into it:

I'm going to make sure Chyna ain't robbed I'm the ring-enforcer tonight! Triple H throws down the headset and seat to watch the match!

RVD locks up with Chyna.

JR: Collar and elbow tie-up

RVD shoves Chyna down to the mat and goes for a cover

JR: 1-2 Chyna Kicks out I got a feeling RVD wants to get this one over with quick

King: I understand why.

As Chyna gets up RVD kicks her in the head with a standing sidekick and knocks her down again.

goes for the cover and a 2 count is all he gets.

As RVD pulls Chyna up Triple H gets up and jumps on to ring apron to disact the ref.

JR: What the hell is he doing?

King: Triple H is telling the ref that RVD shouldn't be pulling on Chyna hair!

As the ref is distracted with Triple H, Chyna give RVD a cheap shot!

and rolls him into a small package! Triple H drops to floor the ref see that Chyna has RVD in a

small package!

JR: A low blow 1-2 RVD Kicks out!

King: How does he do that?!

RVD rolls out to floor while Chyna is arguing with the ref Triple H throws the ring steps

then nails him a stiff punch and rolls him back into the ring.

Chyna goes for the pin and 1-2 RVD kicks out again!

Chyna pulls RVD up off the mat and stes him for the Pedigree!

JR: If she connects with this it is over for RVD!

Suddenly RVD backbody drops Chyna and goes to the top rope and gets ready for the five star

Frog splash! When out of the crowd comes Rob De Silva and attacks RVD and throws him off the top rope!

The ref calls for the bell!

As Chyna gets up RDS nails her with the De Silva Driver as Triple H run into the ring De Silva runs back into the crowd.

JR: What the hell does De Silva want?

King: Who cares about him who won the match?

The ring announcer as result of a disqualification the winner is no one!

JR: As we saw Rob De Silva got that match disqualified so then at Ground Zero[b] it was a

[i][b] Triple Threat Ladder Match for X-WCW TV title
RDS vs RVD vs Chyna

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #1 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:45am »

RDS nails both Chyna and RVD with a double close line and starts kicking RVD in the shoulder area.

JR: RDS seems to focusing on the shoulder of RVD to keep him from climbing a ladder

As Chyna gets to her feet she grabs RDS hair and slams him into the steel ring stairs and kicks

RVD in the groin. As RDS gets to back to his feet he nails Chyna with a lowblow.

JR: RDS has a chance to use the ladder and get the TV title!

King: That's what he's doing.

RDS collapses the ladder on the outside of the ring and slides into the ring RVD suddenly appears and nails him with a spinning heel kick knocking RDS to the floor. As RVD sets up the ladder in the ring and starts climbing while Chyna makes her way over to RDS and gives him a Pedigree on the floor!

JR: Chyna just drilled RDS into the floor!

King: She should be going after RVD who is almost to the belt!

JR: You're right King RVD is almost there!

King: Of course I'm right!

RVD is about to unfasten the belt when Chyna does a lowblow and grabs him pulls him down

to ring and begins to climb as RDS gets to top of the turnbuckle and dropkicks the ladder

knocking the ladder over and Chyna falls on top of RVD!

JR: Good God! It looks like a car wreck!

King: Now RDS is setting up the ladder.

RDS sets up the ladder then throws the unconisous RVD and Chyna out of the ring.

JR: RDS looks like he is going to win it!

King: Seems that way!

Suddenly Triple H comes running down the ramp and slides into ring and pushes the ladder with RDS

out of the ring. Triple H repositions the ladder under the belt and grabs Chyna and reawakens her.

As Chyna slowly climbs the ladder as Triple H watches RVD and RDS. Chyna grabs the belt and pulls it down for the win!

JR: there is going to be some serious Hell to pay!

King: You got that right! But we got a TV champion CHYNA!

RK: Ok you have seen the first two X-WCW TV matches and when we come back we see what happens when Deathscream takes on the current champion Chris Jericho in a ladder match!

Doubleshot goes to a commercial break.

Commercial break

Doubleshot is back on the air.

JR: The following match was taped at house show we had at Conseco Field house last week it was Chris Jericho and Deathscream in a ladder match for the X-WCW TV Championship and see what...

RK: Shut up! Just roll the footage.

[i]X-WCW TV Championship
Ladder Match
Deathscream vs Y2J Chris Jericho(c)

TH: The following match is a ladder match and is for the X-WCW TV Championship!

First the challenger from London, England Deathscream!

As “Deadly Game” hits the speakers Deathscream comes down toward the ring with an angry look on his face. The fan reaction is mixed to say the least.

JR: Deathscream was promised a title shot and here it is.

RK: I don’t think Deathscream wanted an X-WCW TV Title match though, he wants the World title.

TH: His opponent from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada he is the X-WCW TV Champion Y2J Chris Jericho!

nTo followed by “King of My World” and Chris Jericho walks down the ramp the crowd boos him.

JR: Ever since Y2J joined the nTo he has been able to hold on to the TV title by hook and crook.

RK: It is called talent something you know nothing about.

Before referee Mark Chambers can sound for the bell Deathscream bouncing off the ropes nails Y2J with a big boot and then picks him up for a Deathknell!

JR: How fast is this Deathscream?

RK: He just kicked Y2J with a big boot and has him up for a Deathknell

Before D-scream can drop him Y2J fight out of it and nails him modified neckbreaker! Both men are down and referee Mark Chambers begins a ten-count. He gets to five before both men starts to get their feet Y2J with a running closeline sends Deathscream to the floor. Y2J quickly to his feet and as D-scream gets to his feet and Y2J jumps over the top rope and with a cross body block he knocks Deathscream and then picks him up and throws him into the ring steps! As Deathscream is on the floor screaming in pain, Y2J points to the ladder!

RK: Y2J had better get the ladder and get the belt before Deathscream gets to his feet.

JR: It looks like Y2J is taking your advice because Y2J is getting the ladder!

As Y2J brings the ladder Deathscream is back on his feet and Jericho hits in the head with the ladder and shoves it into the ring. Then slides in the ring and sets up the ladder and places it under the belt Y2J starts the climb up the ladder, as Deathscream slowly crawls back into the ring! Deathscream quickly climbs the ladder and Y2J and D-scream are fighting it out on top of the ladder! As both men begin to loosen the belt they grab the hook that holds the belt the ladder is kicked down. Leaving Y2J and Deathscream both in the air!

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #2 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:47am »

JR: My God!

RK: You know I’ve of hanging around but this is stupid!

As they continue to kick at each other, Jericho and Deathscream both lose their grip and crash to the mat. The TV title belt already lose by a notches falls with them and referee Mark Chambers sounds for the bell!

RK: What? Who won the match?

JR: Deathscream and Jericho are both getting back to their feet.

TH: Referee has decided to call this match a draw and has decided that both Y2J and Deathscream are both the X-WCW TV

RK: You mean two champions for a single title is that allowed?

JR: I wonder how our General Manager Cyberstrike will solve this?[/i]

As the tape stops and we fade back to James Russell and Randal King.

JR: Well Cyberstrike has solved it will be at Vendetta a submission match for the undisputed X-WCW TV title!

RK: Both men have submission moves this is going to be a great match!

JR: When we come back the history of the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship and Cyberstrike vs Vin Ghostal!

JR: As we head to Vendetta and the main event is Hell’s Cell a match that will be so brutal that General Manager Cyberstrike has just ordered it a one time event!

RK: You mean there will be no more Hell’s Cell matches?

JR: If Cyberstrike has his way about it yes!

RK: People if you miss this there will be no more! You will witness the match that according to GM Cyberstrike will the most

brutal match of all time.

JR: To see how this match came about lets take you back to Ground Zero and the battle royal that crowned the first X-WCW

World Heavyweight Championship!

RK: Hit it!

The Ground Zero 20 Men Battle Royal for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title

Featuring: Cyberstrike, D-Extreme, Triple H, Wreck-Tron, Hulk Hogan, Bombshell, Sting, Lex Luger, The Big Show, Kane, The Undertaker, Chris Jechico, Chris Benoit, The Rock, Goldberg, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, HBK Test, and Kurt Angle

D-Extreme slides one chair in and Bombshell spears threw the middle rope the chair flies out of his hand and GMCS tries to grab it only to get speared by BS who grabs the chair. Suddenly D-Extreme hits Bombshell over the head with the chair that sends him back to the ropes. As GMCS gets to his feet he grabs the other chair and tells D-Extreme to get ready as Bombshell gets a double chair shot that sends him over the top rope! Then D-Extreme and GMCS stare at each other and GMCS grins and turns steps over the top rope and hops to the floor! ALLOWING D-EXTREME TO WIN THE MATCH!

JR: I don't believe it GM Cyberstrike as given the match to D-Extreme!!

King: Who cares we got ourselves a World Champion! D-EXTREME IS THE FIRST X-WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

JR: The alliance between D-Extreme lasted two weeks when D-Extreme faced Cyberstrike for the title.

RK: It was a street fight that no one will soon forget roll the footage slap nuts!

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #3 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:51am »

Warzone #3: Street Fight for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Cyberstrike vs D-Extreme(c)

JR: Where the heck is D-Extreme?

King: Probably hiding backstage since he is scared to fight! Hahahaha…wise move!

But then someone comes out from the crowd with a sledgehammer and its D-Extreme!!!

JR: D-Extreme!!! He’s behind Cyberstrike and OOOHH!!!

He hits Cyberstrike on the back with the sledgehammer!!!! D-Extreme drops the sledgehammer and then he picks up Cyberstrike and he whips him to the corner

King: Cyberstrike is dazed as he is lying on that corner and D-Extreme just hit Cyberstrike with punches on the mid-section and D-Extreme hits a solid hook at Cyberstrike's face sending the GM out cold on the mat!!!

JR: This fight is sheer mayhem!!! What’s this?! D-Extreme is going outside the ring and he’s getting something below the apron…it’s a ladder!!! He Props it up the ring and he climbs on it as Cyberstrike is still lying on the ring and out cold!!!….D-Extreme goes for a splash from the top of the ladder!! But oh my goodness!!! He misses as Cyberstrike rolls out and there’s nobody home!!!! Both men are down!!!!

King: Oh my goodness I cant watch this!!!

As D-Extreme is still out cold, Cyberstrike puts his shoulder over D-Extreme for the pinfall

King: it’s almost over!!! 1…….2…..thr….oh my!!! D-Extreme kicks out , JR!!!

JR: That’s amazing!!! Now Cyberstrike gets up and grabs his chair and he waits for D-Extreme to get up
D-extreme gets up and Cyberstrike tries to hit D-Extreme with the chair but D-Extreme ducks and he hits Cyberstrike with a neckbreaker


King: Now they’re both down!

Cyberstrike gets up and grabs D-Extreme and he throws him out of the ring and he goes out of the ring as well

JR: They have taken the fight to the outside of the ring, king.

King: Lets just hope they wont be near us since were near the ramp now or they might do something crazy here!!!

Cyberstrike slams D-Extreme's face on the guard rail

JR: Oh my goodness, that’s gotta hurt!

We skip a few scenes of the match....

JR: D-Extreme is now climbing the titantron and Cyberstrike is still feeling dizzy, here it comes!!! D-Extreme is going with a flying body press from the titantron but Cyberstrike avoids it and D-Extreme hits hard on the floor


JR: Cyberstrike then goes for the pin one, two, thr…..D-Extreme kicks out!!!!

King: WHAT THE?!

Cyberstrike grabs D-Extreme and drags him to the backstage area!!!!

JR: They've gone backstage…we have to turn on the titantron now!!!

The titantron shows the backstage area and we see Cyberstrike throwing D-Extreme in a pile of trash cans

JR: that’s gonna hurt for D-Extreme

But then we see somebody running in the scene and starts to attack Cyberstrike, its Blaster 86 with a chair!!!!

King: what is THAT idiot doing here?!

JR: Who knows, Blaster hits Cyberstrike with a vicious chairshot to the head!

King: Wait a sec, whos that second guy going in the scene?..wait a sec, its Bombshell!!! And he hits Blaster86 with a steel pipe!!!!

Now, Blaster 86, D-Extreme and Cyberstrike are all down and then Bombshell just stands there smirking at the scene. But then Triple H and DX arrives in the scene and Triple H surprises Bombshell as he hits Bombshell in the back with the sledge hammer!!!

JR: The Game is here!!!!

King: And so are DX!!!

Road Dogg and K-Krush then gets Bombshell and K-Krush hits the K-Krusher on Bombshell!

JR: D-Extreme has been laid out!

Chyna sees Blaster86 getting up, she then hits a lowblow on Y3B and Y3B is then floored with a chair shot by Chyna

King: HAHAHA!!! Take that!

Road-dogg grabs Cyberstrike and hits him with the Stretch armstrong! And then Triple H hits the pedigree on D-Extreme.

JR: Damn him! Well thankgod for security.

As security guards get DX out of the way Cyberstrike and D-Extreme contiue the fight as they go back to the ring. Both exhausted GMCS to get a steel chair and hit D-Extreme over the head and cover him.

JR: No it can like this 1.2. D-Extreme got a shoulder up!

King: How does he do it?

JR: I don’t know how he does it.

As D-Extreme and GMCS get to their feet Lita comes running down the ramp!

JR: What is that jessabelle doing here?

King: Whatever she wants!

Lita climbs the top rope and does a hurricanra on D-Extreme lands on his feet and into Cyberstrike waiting with a

Breakdown! Cyberstrike gives D-Extreme a breakdown on a steel chair! But instead of going for a pin he powerbombs him on the chair then goes for the pin.

JR: No it can end like this! 1..2..3 Cyberstrike wins d**n it!

King: Cyberstrike wins and D-Extreme is gone!

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #4 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:52am »

JR: Cyberstrike defeated D-Extreme and then as Revolution came around Cyberstrike shocked the world by reforming the nTo! That is next as we continues this special Year-in-Review edition of Doubleshot.

Commercial break

RK: Cyberstrike successfully defended the title against D-Extreme at Doubleshot he was ordered by then-owner Depth Charge to put the title on the line in a Suicide Six Elimation match at Revolution. Cyberstrike told DC if he would put the company on the line he would not only put the championship on the line but his future with X-WCW as well! We take you back to Revolution.

From Revolution X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Suicide Six Elimation No Disqualification Match:
D-Extreme vs Blaster 86 vs Triple H vs Wreck-Tron vs
Hulk Hogan vs GM Cyberstrike(c)

As Y3B gets to his feet and comes after HHH he is cut off by Wreck-Tron with a super kick! D-Extreme goes for the pin on HHH but Y3B breaks up the pin and sends D-Extreme over the top rope to the floor and goes after him Y3B sends D-Extreme into the ring stairs and gets the bell keeper’s steel chair and nails D-Extreme with it!

JR: What a shot to the head.

King: There is a lot of bad blood between these two!

As Y3B gets ready to hit D-Extreme with another steel chair shot Cyberstrike sneaks up from behind and hits Y3B with a lowblow!

JR: Cyberstrike just saved D-Extreme but why?

King: I think Cyberstrike didn’t see him!

As all this is happening in the ring. HHH hits Wreck-Tron with a closeline as Hogan goes for the leg drop!

Hogan pins Wreck-Tron referee Mark Chambers makes a three count Wreck-Tron is elimated!

JR: Wreck-Tron is elimated by Hogan!

King: I think Wreck-Tron has it! Look!

Wreck-Tron is enraged and goes and kicks Hogan in the groin and powerbombs Hogan then goes slides under the bottom rope and looks under the ring and finds a sledgehammer and hits Triple H with it!

JR: My God!

King: It looks like WT is a sore loser!

As Cyberstrike and D-Extreme roll Y3B back in the ring. WT nails D-Extreme with the sledgehammer Cyberstrike slides back in the ring and Wreck-Tron in hot pursuit.

JR: Good God! Is no one safe?

King: Doesn’t look like it!

Cyberstrike runs over the bodies of HHH, Hogan, D-Extreme, and Y3B runs up the ramp and waits on the set.

JR: Cyberstrike doesn’t want any of Wreck-Tron

King: He is waiting for him!

Wreck-Tron gives chase and follows Cyberstrike. Wreck-Tron slings the sledgehammer as Cyberstrike but he ducks and C-Strike kicks him in the groin and powerbombs him off the set and sends Wreck-Tron to the floor!

JR: My God Cyberstrike has just broken Wreck-Tron in half!

King: Just like I said Wreck-Tron is a sore loser now in more ways than one!

JR: Shut the hell up please.

As Cyberstrike returns to ring. Y3B pins an out cold D-Extreme and gets the 3 count!

King: D-Extreme is out cold!

JR: Y3B is going for the pin 1, 2, 3!

Hogan slowly gets back to his feet and is leaning on the ropes when Triple H bloodied and battered rolls him up into a small package and pins Hogan!

JR: Small package 1, 2, 3!

King: Triple has elimated Hogan!

As Hogan and D-Extreme make they way back up to the locker room, Cyberstrike waits near the ring as Y3B and Triple H beating the hell out each out of each other!

JR: What is he doing?

King: He is picking his shot!

Cyberstrike finds the chair that Y3B used earlier and waits. Triple H sends Y3B into ropes and Cyberstrike nails him with the chair! Triple H pedigrees him for a three count. Leaving Triple H and Cyberstrike the last two men in the match.

JR: It is just Triple H and Cyberstrike!

King: This is it!

After Y3B leaves the ring and heads to the back. Cyberstrike enters the ring as Triple H waits for him but

Out of nowhere comes Bombshell and Powermaster!

JR: What the hell are they doing here?
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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #5 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:57am »

King: Cyberstrike said he a plan and I think it has just came together!

With the X-WCW Tag-Team title belts nail Triple H with them from behind and each of the tag champs powerbomb Triple H and Cyberstrike pins but gets a two count!

JR: Triple H won’t stay down!

King: I don’t believe it!

Then RVD comes out with a steel chair and nails Triple H with it and jumps up on to top turnbuckle as Powermaster puts a steel chair on the chest of Triple H. RVD gives Triple H a Five Star Frog Splash!

JR: This has to be it!

King: No way will Triple H kick out of it!

Cyberstrike goes the pin and gets another two count!

JR: You’ve got to be kidding me.

King: Cyberstrike is pissed!

With Triple H lying on the mat Lita comes running down with a Wreck-Tron’s sledgehammer and hands it to her boyfriend. Cyberstrike hit HHH in the gut and has Lita hit him with a Moonsult, RVD hits him another Five Star and Powermaster and Bombshell each powerbomb Triple H!

JR: Come on that is enough just pin him and go home!

Cyberstrike picks up the knocked out HHH and Bombshell puts him a steel chair Cyberstrike gives HHH a Breakdown on the chair and pins him for a three count!

TH: The Winner and still X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion and new CEO Cyberstrike!

JR: Cyberstrike wins! What the hell are they doing now!

King: Lita is handing Cyberstrike something!

Cybersrtike spray paints nTo on Triple H’s back. Cyberstrike grabs Terri Hotbody’s mic and speaks.


JR: He just fired Triple H?!

King: Good riddenance to bad rubish!

RK: This of course set off a feud with Wreck-Tron that will climax at Vendetta in Hell’s Cell. Wreck-Tron wanted to reform the MPA and win the X-WCW World Title.

JR: WT and K-Krush survived the Triple Threat Theater matches that Cyberstrike set up to stop them

RK And then there was the Triple Cage.

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #6 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 08:58am »

From Bloodbath
Triple Cage Match:
X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Wreck-Tron vs Cyberstrike(c)

TH: The following match is the Triple Cage match for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Already in the ring representing the MPA he is one half of the Tag-Team Champions Wreck-Tron the Mecha of Wrecka!

JR: This is it the match that Wreck-Tron has been waiting for.

RK: Well so has Cyberstrike

TH: From Indianapolis, Indiana repsenting the nTo he is the X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion and the ACW US Champion Cyberstrike!

nTo followed by Dope’s “No Chance” as Cyberstrike comes down the walkway and into the bottom cage called

“Caged Heat” a referee locks the door behind Cyberstrike as he steps in the ring with Wreck-Tron and the referee sounds for the bell. As the two lock up and Cyberstrike sends Wreck-Tron to the mat but WT slides out of the ring to regroup and Cyberstrike with a baseball slide dropkick sends Wreck-Tron into the cage. Cyberstrike kicks WT in ribs then picks up and whips him into the ring steps. Cyberstrike goes to get a ladder. Wreck-Tron gets back to his feet and nails Cyberstrike with a close line from behind send the X-WCW World Champion face first into the ladder! WT picks up Cyberstrike and throws him into cage then gets the ladder opens laying on the floor and puts Cyberstrike on it and slams it on him! Wreck-Tron climbs to ring apron and frog splashes the prone Cyberstrike in the ladder and Wreck-Tron crashes into the side of the cage!

JR: MY GOD! Wreck-Tron might have taken Cyberstrike right out of this match!

RK: But a move like that has to take it is toll on Wreck-Tron!

As Wreck-Tron slowly gets back to his feet he picks up Cyberstrike and rolls him back into ring, then looks under the ring and finds a sledgehammer! As Cyberstrike gets back to his feet WT slides into the ring with the sledgehammer looking to hit Cyberstrike with it, and WT waits for Cyberstrike to turn around and face him!

JR: Wreck-Tron don’t do it! Don’t sink to his level!

RK: What he said!

Cyberstrike turns around and WT comes across the ring charging with sledgehammer in hand but Cyberstrike sidesteps him and WT goes over the top rope to the floor Cyberstrike climbs on to top the turnbuckle and jumps on to WT!

As Cyberstrike gets back to his feet he starts searching under the ring for a ladder! Wreck-Tron is back on to his feet and he is busted wide open! Cyberstrike pulls a ladder out from under the ring and sets it up the ring under a trap door into the second cage called “Hardcore Hell” Wreck-Tron gets back into the ring and as Cyberstrike climbs on one side of the ladder Wreck-Tron climbs the other side.

JR: They’re both near the door to that leads to Hardcore Hell!

RK: Cyberstrike is punching WT in the face but Wreck-Tron is also fighting back!

Cyberstrike finally knocks WT off the ladder and he crashes to the mat but Wreck-Tron quickly gets back to his feet and climbs the ladder after Cyberstrike. But Cyberstrike is waiting for him in Hardcore Hell and slams the trap door in his face, but WT holds on to the ladder. Cyberstrike gets to dumping the trashcans lining the side of the cage looking for bolt cutters to get the chain off the door and out of Hardcore Hell!

As Cyberstrike is looking for the bolt cutters WT finally get into Hardcore Hell and with furious strength he attacks Cyberstrike from behind with a fling forearm that sends Cyberstrike into a trash can busting him open too! WT sees a table set on the side of the cage and sets it up in the middle of the cage!

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #7 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 09:00am »

WT throws Cyberstrike onto the table as he climbs on it to put Cyberstrike away for good.

RK: Is he going to what I think he’s doing?

JR: Wreck-Tron is signaling for a powerbomb!

But Cyberstrike back body drops Wreck-Tron off the table and then climbs off and picks up Wreck-Tron and sets him up for a Powerbomb of his own! Cyberstrike power bombs Wreck-Tron through the table! Cyberstrike then picks up WT and throws him into the side of the cage with such force that breaks the side of the cage! Cyberstrike goes to the other side of the cage and starts the climb up. As the crowd starts chanting “MPA! MPA! MPA! MPA!” Cyberstrike stops for a second as Wreck-Tron gets to his feet and runs around the other side of the cage and starts punching Cyberstrike but Cyberstrike fights back. WT kicks Cyberstrike in the mid section and power bombs him and begins the climb toward the “Sledgehammer Room” Wreck-Tron is on top of Hardcore Hell getting ready to climb up the side of the Sledgehammer Room when out of nowhere Cyberstrike climbs up and throws WT in to the Sledgehammer Room and then picks up a sledgehammer but WT kicks Cyberstrike in the groin and Wreck-Tron gets back to his feet and spears him out the Sledgehammer Room and the climbs up the side of the cage but Cyberstrike is also up but by the time he gets there Wreck-Tron has gotten the belt!





Cyberstrike kicks Wreck-Tron in the mid section and Power bombs him on the top of the Sledgehammer Room and signals that he is going throw him off the cage but WT reverses and Cyberstrike goes off top the Sledgehammer Room and crashes on the top of Caged Heat!

JR: Good GOD!

RK: He’s dead!

JR: If that match is how says how much these two hate each other imagine how much damage these two will do to each other

at Vendetta and four other men including Vin Ghostal who won a shot for the X-WCW World Heavyweight Title was the first

Title defense for new champion Wreck-Tron we take you back to Doubleshot #4

Doubleshot #4

X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
TLC Ironman match:
Vin Ghostal vs Wreck-Tron(c)

TH: This next match is for the X-WCW championship. This will be a TLC IRONMAN MATCH. It will be for 60 minutes.

As P.Diddy’s "The Saga Continues” Vin Ghostal makes his way to the ring as the crowd boos heavily at him.

TH: Representing the AWF from Camden, NJ Vin Ghostal!

Ghostal gets in the ring as the crowd chants "Ghostal sucks!”

The crowd boos heavily again. But then the lights go out and "The Wicker Man" By Iron Maiden is heard.

TH: And his opponent. From Hell, Michigan. He is the X-WCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. WRECK-TRON!!!

Wreck-Tron enters the stage as the crowd goes wild, he enters the ring and he points at Ghostal with his right hand as his left hand slits his throat then he goes to the turnbuckle and climbs it, and he raises his arm to the crowd as they chant "Wreck-Tron!" after a while he goes down. The bell rings, as the match is about to start

JR: Wreck-Tron and Ghostal are now standing in front of each other. And they both grapple each other out now. WT locks on a headlock, but Ghostal is elbowing him to release himself from WT. Ghostal then bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline to Wreck-Tron. Ghostal picks up Wreck-Tron and he tries to throw him out of the ring, but The Mecha of Wrecka reverses it and Ghostal falls off the ring.
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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #8 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 09:00am »

Wreck-Tron slides out of the ring and grabs a nearby chair. He then sees Ghostal getting up and he hits the chair across Ghostal's face. And Ghostal obviously falls down. Wreck-Tron hits the fallen Ghostal with the chair 3 more times and then he stops.

RK: Wreck-Tron is just manhandling Ghostal in the early going, hey this is looking like a great match to me!

Wreck-Tron goes to the apron and gets something out. He gets a table and he slides it in the ring. He grabs Ghostal and he lifts him up with his 2 arms and he throws Ghostal back to the ring

JR: What tremendous strength being shown here by Wreck-Tron, he’s just back from injury and yet he shows no weakness. Wreck-Tron slides back to the ring and he props the table to a corner as he goes towards Ghostal and picks him up, but Ghostal sneaks a lowblow on Wreck-Tron. That shot…. has got to hurt the X-WCW Champion. Ghostal now crawls to the ropes and grabs on to it as he gets up. He turns around and starts hitting punches to the ribs of Wreck-Tron. Ghostal knows Wreck-Tron's weakness and he's using it for his advantage, WHAT A SUPERKICK BY GHOSTAL!!! And Wreck-Tron falls out cold.Ghostal then grabs the table and sets it up to the middle of the ring he then picks Wreck-Tron and he starts hitting his knees to the ribs of the X-WCW champ. Ghostal then whips Wreck-Tron to the ropes and catches him with a body drop and Wreck-Tron lands on the table that Ghostal placed in the middle of the ring.

JR: WT is out. Ghostal then goes out of the ring and grabs a chair. He tosses it to the ring. He gets another chair? He also tosses it to the ring and goes back in. Ghostal grabs one chair and he places it to one of the post on one corner. I wonder why. Ghostal now picks up Wreck-Tron and whips him to the corner where the chair is and WT's back hits the chair and Wreck-Tron falls down and screams in pain. Ghostal is pulling all stops just to win doesn’t he? Ghostal now picks up the chair and he hits it to the ribs of Wreck-Tron. WT is really in pain right now. MY GAWD!!! Somebody please tell me this match is over. Ghostal hits 3 more chair shots to Wreck-Tron

RK: We still have 50 minutes remaining. Ghostal hits another chair shot on WT's ribs, damn that Ghostal! Ghostal picks Wreck-Tron up and he hits a suplex on Wreck-Tron. Ghostal picks Wreck-Tron up and he whips him to the ropes, Ghostal tries to clothesline but Wreck-Tron ducks and Wreck-Tron bounces off the ropes and greets Ghostal with a big boot to the face. They both go down. After a few seconds, we see Wreck-Tron moving and he crawls to the nearest ropes and he grabs on to it as he rests there while Ghostal also starts to slowly get up. Wreck-Tron gets up and picks Ghostal up and hits some stiff punches to Ghostal's head while he puts him up. Wreck-Tron body slams Ghostal. Ghostal goes down as Wreck-Tron then goes to a corner and rest for a few seconds. Wreck-Tron now looks at the fallen Ghostal and he grabs the chair. Ghostal is still down as The Mecha of Wrecka approaches him. Wreck-Tron hits a hard chair shot to the back of Vin Ghostal! Wreck-Tron picking up Ghostal, but Ghostal hits a kick to the midsection. Ghostal then runs to the ropes and he returns and hits a DDT on Wreck-Tron on the steel chair!!!

JR: And we hear the echoing sound of metal through the area by that devastating move by Ghostal!

Ghostal picks up Wreck-Tron and hits him to the midsection again. Ghostal then pauses as WT is screaming in pain. Ghostal then slaps Wreck-Tron's face and then laughs in front of the battered X-WCW champion

JR: Ghostal is literally slapping the taster out of our Champion, Wreck-Tron right now. Ghostal is just showboating Ghostal picks up Wreck-Tron again. He locks the arm bar on him and Ghostal kicks Wit’s left arm. Wreck-Tron goes down.

Ghostal then locks on the camel clutch on Wreck-Tron as the X-WCW champ can just scream in pain. Ghostal lets go after 20 seconds and he picks up Wreck-Tron and starts pounding on the X-WCW champion.

JR: We only have 35 more minutes left in this match. Ghostal whips Wreck-Tron to the ropes. He tries to clothesline the Mecha of Wrecka but Wreck-Tron also delivers a clothesline of his own and downs Ghostal! Wreck-Tron then gets out of the ring and gets the ladder from under the apron. Wreck-Tron then hits Ghostal with the ladder. Wreck-Tron places the ladder on a corner. Wreck-Tron gets Ghostal and whips him to the corner with the ladder. Wreck-Tron then spears Ghostal!

Ghostal falls down as Wreck-Tron places the ladder to the middle of the ring as he grabs a table nearby the outside and he puts the table in the ring and places Ghostal on it. He climbs to the ladder and does a splash but Ghostal rolls out of the table and Wreck-Tron lands on the table and gets smashed by it

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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #9 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 09:02am »

RK: And were now at the 30-minute mark James!!!

JR: Wreck-Tron and Ghostal are both out. And that miss by Wreck-Tron just gave Ghostal a Ladder and Table point. Not even one of them are moving now, this match is one of the most violent things I ever seen in my match.

RK: I see that damn Ghostal kinda getting up now. Ghostal is slowly getting up while Wreck-Tron is still bloodied and down. Ghostal gets the chair and hits Wreck-Tron with it. Ghostal hits him again, this time on the head.

JR: Ghostal drops the chair and he picks up Wreck-Tron, looks like he is gonna suplex WT on the chair. He goes for it, but Wreck-Tron kicks Ghostal to the midsection and reverses it to a front suplex!!! Ghostal lands his stomach hard on the steel chair!!!

RK: 20 minutes remaining

JR: Wreck-Tron now picks up Ghostal. He whips Ghostal to the corner and WT now grabs the chair and charges at Ghostal. Ghostal kicks Wreck-Tron before he gets hit by the chair and he dropkicks the chair and it hits the head of Wreck-Tron with a violent sound of smack! Wreck-Tron goes down hard, so does Ghostal as Ghostal is clutching his stomach in pain due to the recent thing that happen to him just now in this match.

After 2 minutes, we see Wreck-Tron slowly getting up and he grabs Ghostal and he hits a powerbomb on the AWF superstar. Wreck-Tron now gets another table from the outside and places it back in the ring.

JR: Wreck-Tron picks up Ghostal and he chokes Ghostal and lifts him to the air, CHOKE SLAM ON THE TABLE!!! Oh my goodness that was one brutal landing on the table. With 15 minutes reaming. Wreck-Tron is just assaulting Ghostal in this moment with stomps on the stomach of Vin Ghostal!!! Wreck-Tron picks Ghostal up and he hits him with another hard powerbomb, Ghostal is literally canvassed on to the mat!!!

RK: Which is a good thing. Wreck-Tron now gets the ladder and places it right in the side of the ring close to us…what is he gonna do? Pose in front of us or something? He’s climbing the ladder now.

JR: Well while he's climbing, we can see Ghostal moving a bit and slowly getting up. Wreck-Tron on top of the ladder now and he turns around to the direction of Ghostal expecting that Ghostal is still down and out is shocked as Ghostal then gets up and quickly pushes the ladder!

The commentators James Russell and Randal King gets out of their chairs and moves out as Wreck-Tron falls from the collapsing ladder and smashes to the announce table as Ghostal falls down again in the ring.

JR: My God!!! This is horrible. With only the last 10 minutes of this match, both men are out. Ghostal is in the ring just fallen down due to a slight concussion maybe. And Wreck-Tron is here all battered and bruised after the landing from the ladder and onto the announce table.

JR: Ghostal in the ring is slowly getting up again, he stand on his 2 feet and he is shaking off the cobwebs while Wreck-Tron is still here and out cold. Ghostal goes to the outside of the ring where its at the front of the ramp way and gets 4 tables. He props 2 of them up now. And he props the 3rd and 4th one on top of the 2 tables. My goodness I wonder what’s gonna happen next. Ghostal now approaching us and he picks up Wreck-Tron and they both go in the ring again. We got about exactly 7 minutes and 30 seconds remaining. Ghostal just looks at the downed Wreck-Tron and WT is slowly moving as Ghostal just laughs in front of him. Ghostal picks Wreck-Tron up and goes for the Whirlwind, but Wreck-Tron lands behind Ghostal before the move can connect and as Ghostal turns around he is met by a cross body by WT and there both down.

RK: If I were the TV viewers I woulda paid money to see this match, since they’re getting it for free. Cheapskates!

JR: Wreck-Tron is getting up with only 5 minutes to go and he is slowly getting back on his feet. The same goes for Vin Ghostal as he also slowly gets up. Wreck-Tron gets up to his feet and Ghostal too. Ghostal quickly gets the chair nearby and attempts to smack it over the head of Wreck-Tron but WT turns and hits a big boot to the chair and it collides with the head of Ghostal!!! 4 minutes to go and Ghostal is down. Wreck-Tron looks at the stacked tables and he places the ladder in the ring area nearby the side with the 4 tables and he points to the top of the ladder and down to the downed Ghostal as the crowd cheers wildly. With exactly 3 minutes to go Wreck-Tron look at the ladder and he looks up again and starts to slowly climb it. But unaware that Wreck-Tron is also climbing, Ghostal gets up to his feet still dizzy and he grabs on the other side of the ladder, then he also slowly climbs the ladder.
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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
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JR: We are now in the last 2 minutes and we see both superstars on the top step on each sides of the ladder, and they see the other one and they start exchanging punches. Ghostal gets a bit unbalance by one solid shot by Wreck-Tron and Wt goes for the last huge punch to make Ghostal fall off but Ghostal blocks it and Ghostal hits a punch to the gut of Wreck-Tron and they are still exchanging punches. 1 minute remaining in the match. Ghostal misses a punch and Wreck-Tron….WRECK-TRON GRABS GHOSTAL AND HE GOES FOR A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! They both jump together out of the ladder while in a belly to back supple and they both land on the 4-stacked tables!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! There both lay out on the outside with wood all over.

RK: I swore one of them was first to be laid out on the tables and the other one was on top and just rolled out and also out cold. But here comes the countdown…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! The match is over and lets see the scores.

Terri Hotbody goes in the ring with a mic.

The footage shows Ghostal and Wreck-Tron jumping off as Wt makes the belly to back suplex from the top of the ladder. And in slow motion replay we can see in the angle in front of the tables that Ghostal was the first one who goes through and smashes over the 4 stacked tables and Wreck-Tron landing on Ghostal and rolls out and also goes out cold.


Wreck-Tron's music hits as the referee goes to Wreck-Tron and helps him get up and raise his and the title. Wreck-Tron is assisted by the referee to the backstage as the EMTs rush to the ring and picks up Ghostal as we go back to James Russell and Randal King at ringside.

RK: Whew what a match Vin Ghostal has made quite an impact in the X-WCW!

JR: He sure has and at Vendetta can beat five others to become the X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion?

RK: Let me think about this for a second...uh NO!

JR: We will find out at Vendetta and next as promised a taped match from a house show in Conseco Field house:

Cyberstrike vs Vin Ghostal

TH: The following match is set for one fall first from Camden, NJ representing the AWF Vin Ghostal! As P.Diddy’s "The Saga Continues" hits the speakers Vin Ghostal comes down toward the ring the crowd boos him.

JR: This is a very important match to Vin Ghostal he wants to embarrass Cyberstrike in his hometown.

RK: Well Cyberstrike is going to beat the hell out of Vin Ghostal and show why X-WCW is better than the AWF!

TH: From Indianapolis, Indiana he is the general manger of the X-WCW Cyberstrike!

As Cyberstrike walks toward the ring with Lita the crowd cheers for him. He kisses her and she returns to the locker room.

JR: This is second time these two have met the first was in the AWF and Cyberstrike lost due to some outside interference

RK: well this time there won’t be any of that!
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xx Re: 14) X-WCW Doubleshot #5
« Reply #11 on: Jun 4th, 2004, 09:06am »

Referee Sid Green sounds for the bell and Cyberstrike wastes no time pounding on Vin Ghostal. Vin fights back and the two are slugging it out. Vin Ghostal rakes Cyberstrike’s eyes and sends him staggering back Vin Ghostal follows up with a close

line that sends Cyberstrike to the mat. Vin Ghostal puts his foot on Cyberstrike’s chest and before the ref can get to count Cyberstrike is back to his feet and locks up with Vin Ghostal. Cyberstrike with a high knee to the Vin Ghostal’s midsection and Cyberstrike powerslams him! Cyberstrike then goes for a cover but gets only a one-count before Vin Ghostal power out! Vin Ghostal kicks Cyberstrike in the midsection and sets him up for a Whirlwind, but Cyberstrike fights out of it!

Vin Ghostal Irish whips Cyberstrike into a corner and goes for a spear, but Cyberstrike dodges Vin Ghostal’s spear! Ghostal

staggers out of the corner and Cyberstrike bulldogs him to the mat! Then Cyberstrike drags Vin Ghostal to the center of the ring and elbow drops Vin Ghostal three times. Cyberstrike climbs a turnbuckle and goes for a Five-Star Frog Splash!

Vin Ghostal rolls out of the way and Cyberstrike crashes to the mat!

JR: Cyberstrike went for a high-risk move that didn’t work!

RK: That is the chance with a high risk moves!

Vin Ghostal gets to his feet and picks Cyberstrike up and sets him for another Whirlwind! As Vin Ghostal has Cyberstrike ready to be dropped Cyberstrike fights his way out of it and lands on his feet, he grabs Vin Ghostal’s neck and gives him a

Modified Breakdown! Cyberstrike quickly pins him and the ref makes the count.

TH: The winner of this match CYBERSTRIKE!!

JR: Cyberstrike wins!

RK: Take that to the AWF and smoke it Vin Ghostal!

As Referee Sid Green raises Cyberstrike’s hand as Dope’s “No Chance” plays the crowd is on its feet!
JR: When we return we announce the card to Vendetta!!

JR: This the card for X-WCW’s fourth pay-per-view


Ringo vs Archangel

X-WCW TV Championship
Submission Match
Deathscream(co-champion) vs Y2J Chris Jericho(co-champion)
Winner becomes the undisputed TV Champion!

X-WCW Hardcore Championship Mini-Tournament Finals:
The Shattered Knight vs Impactor

Falls-Count-Anywhere Match:
Scotty 2 Hotty vs RVD

X-WCW US Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Hulk Hogan vs K-Krush vs Bombshell(c)

X-WCW Tag-Team Championship
TLC Match
Emissary and LG vs The Wreckers vs PowerBomb

X-WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Hell’s Chamber Match
Rob De Silva vs Depth Charge vs D-Extreme vs Vin Ghostal vs Cyberstrike vs Wreck-Tron

JR: Live from the Fleet Center in Boston, Mass. I’m James Russell and this Randal King and we will see you at Vendetta!

RK: Goodnight Everybody!
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X-WCW presents: Ground Zero IV: The Return
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