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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:16am

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xx 119) X-WCW Presents X-Rumble II PPV
« Thread started on: Jul 21st, 2016, 11:18am »

X-WCW TV Championship
Ron Michaels vs. Rocky Davis (c)

Davis wins.

AWF TV Championship
Rayne Bloodstone vs. Wolfang (c)

Wolfang wins.

X-WCW US Championship
Jack Blade vs. CJ Baller (c)

Blade wins. Then D-Extreme comes down and cashes in his US title shot!

X-WCW US Championship
D-Extreme vs. Jack Blade (c)

D-Extreme wins.

X-WCW Xtreme Championship/AWF Hardcore Championship
Title Unification Match
Hardcore Ladder Match
Brett Rayne vs. Otacon vs. Justin Sane

Justin Sane wins and becomes the X-WCW/AWF Xtreme-Hardcore Champion!

Tag Team Grudge Match
Y3B and Sean O'Con vs. The Final Frontier

Final Frontier win via DQ.

X-WCW Global Heavyweight Championship
Indianapolis Street Fight Match
Erik Summers vs. Christopher Back (c)

Back wins.

X-WCW World Championship
Sean Byrne vs. Nightmare (c)

Nightmare retains the title.

AWF Championship
X-Rumble Match
Spike Kane vs. Cane Deathscream vs. Karl Baller vs. Joe Goldstone vs. Raven Darkstorm vs. Alec Lightstar vs. Dave Powermaster vs. Alex Bombshell

Baller wins the AWF Championship!
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