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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:14am

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xx 120) X-WCW Nitro #32
« Thread started on: Sep 1st, 2016, 11:07am »

The show starts off with all the X-WCW and AWF Champions in the ring. Mr. Back says that due to the sheer number of champions the X-WCW will have a temporary brand split. On Nitro the X-WCW World Champion, Tag Team Champions, and the Xtreme-Hardcore titles will be defended. On Doubleshot the AWF titles will be defended. Warzone the X-WCW Global Heavyweight, US, and IC titles will be defended. The TV titles will be defended on 3 shows. Then he announces that the X-WCW World Champion, AWF Champion, and X-WCW Global Heavyweight Champion will be the General Mangers for their respective shows and that X-WCW World Champion will also pick the #1 contenders for the AWF Champion, The AWF Champion will pick the #1 contenders for the X-WCW Global Champion, and the X-WCW Global Champion will pick the #1 contenders to the X-WCW World Champion. He also states that should they lose their title the new champion will become that shows new GM as well! Back also says that the TV, IC, and Tag Team titles will be unified at Collision Course III!

X-WCW TV Championship
Spike Kane vs. Rocky Davis (c)

Davis retains.

AWF TV Championship
CJ Baller vs. Wolfang (c)

Wolfang wins via DQ.

Post-Match the AWF Legacy comes out beats up CJ Baller, but Karl Baller, Team X-S and StarStorm make the save. Karl states that on Doubleshot Wolfang will face CJ in a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match and Y3B will face a surprise opponent in a Ladder Match for the AWF IC title.

StarStorm state that since won a Tag Team title shot that will face D-Next for the X-WCW Tag Team titles!

#1 Contendership to the AWF Championship
Alex Bombshell vs. Otacon

Bombshell wins.

X-WCW World Tag Team Championships
StarStorm vs. D-Next (c)

D-Next win via DQ.

X-WCW World Championship
Sean Bryne vs. Nightmare (c)

Nightmare wins.
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