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Mar 18th, 2018, 07:00am

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xx The rules to the triva forum (version 1.5)
« Thread started on: Nov 23rd, 2005, 08:34am »

This is an experimental fourm to see how much you know about the X-WCW.

The Rules are:

1) You can ask a maxium of 10 questions per thread. They can be any kind of question:
basic questions, multi-chose, and true/false.
The person who starts the thread can impose a deadline
to how long the tread that they started can go.
If after 20 days and no one replies the thread will be locked.

2) The person who posts the questions MUST know the answers to their questions and post the answers once the deadline is met.

3) The questions must be related to the X-WCW and the answers should be in the current shows, general
knowledge, the X-WCW show archives, and championship histories.

4) The person who starts the thread are RESPONSIBLE for it!
You can give hints, tell people how many questions they have right, etc.
After the deadline that you imposed is up you must supply the answers to your questions.

5) If someone answers all the questions correctly before the deadline you can stop the thread IF YOU WISH TO DO SO just make sure you tell one of the mods that it's over so we can lock it.

6) Have fun.
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