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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:15am

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thumbup The Muppets: A review with a LOT spoliers!
« Thread started on: Jan 5th, 2012, 12:31pm »

I saw The Muppets and I must say it was a blast!

The spoilers begin:
Gary (Jason Segal who co-wrote the screenplay) and his brother Walter (a new Muppet) and Mary (Amy Adams), Gary's girlfriend all travel to LA for a Gary and Mary want a romantic vacation while Walter, the self-proclaimed biggest Muppet fan in the world wants to see the legendary Muppet theater and studios unfortunately both have seen their better days. Walter sneaks into Kermit's office and he over hears Waldorf and Statler talking about selling the theater and studio to evil Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) and his two Muppet henchmen Uncle Deadly and the Big Bear (from Muppets from Space) who wants to tear down the theater and studio because there is oil under them and unless the Muppets can raise $10 Million to save the studio and the theater.

Walter, Gary, and Mary find Kermit, who now lives alone (with the exception of 80s Robot his servant/chauffeur) in a mansion and convinces him to try and get the band back together again.

They travel to Reno to find Fozzy who has a tribute group called The Moppets, (who are basically evil versions of the Muppets) and with a little convincing Fozzy agrees rejoin.

They find Gonzo who has now become a successful owner plumbing company, at first Gonzo declines the offer to rejoin the Muppets but Camila tells him that she knows he wears his old Muppet costume under his suit and in spectacular fashion Gonzo rejoins and blows up his warehouse.

Animal is in an anger management class with Jack Black and refuses to drum because it's what triggers his temper. After Black starts a fight this allows Animal to rejoin Kermit and company.

After a montage showing what the fates of Scooter, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, Dr. Honeydew and Beaker, Sam the Eagle, and Rowlf.

The Muppets realize that one is still missing: Miss Piggy. Kermit is reluctant at first but agrees to go to Paris, France. When they try to recruit Miss Piggy she says no. So instead they hire Miss Porky (I think that is her name) from Fozzy's Moppets troupe to replace her.

The Muppets then go to various TV networks so they can put on a telethon after being rejected at first they find a network with a desperate need to fill a large amount time after one their shows gets sued. The network executive tells them that they will need a big celebrity to host it however.

Then they fix the theatre which is bad shape.

Miss Piggy returns to help out, but not for Kermit, but for the others, after she karate chops Porky, who leaves but she vows revenge. Gary and Mary have a falling out when Gary forgets his anniversary and she returns home, causing Gary and Walter each to decide if they are a man or a muppet. Gary returns home to be with Mary and Walter stays with the Muppets because Kermit has offered Walter a spot in the show. Even though Walter isn't sure what is talent is or if he even has one.

As Kermit tries to find a celebrity host, and the network won't let him host because no one remembers him. When he realize that he can't find one on short notice, he then tries to ask Richman not to destroy the theater and studio and being the villain that he is Richman tells them no, and he then states if the Muppets can't pay the $10 million he not only gets the studio and the theater, he gets the rights to the Muppets' names as well and he will give their names to the Moppets.

Without a celebrity the show can't go on and Kermit gets depressed and heads back to the theater. Then Miss Piggy takes over and she along with Animal, Gonzo, Lew the Boomerang Fish thrower, the Swedish Chef and Animal kidnap Jack Black and convince Kermit that Black should be the celebrity host for the Muppet Telethon (even if it's against his will).

Songs, gags, sketches, jokes, and celebrity cameos then go on as the Muppet Telethon hits the air. Gonzo tries head bowling but realizes his fingers are stuck in the ball and yanked from the stage, much to Jack Black's relief. While Richman, the Moppets, The Big Bear, and Uncle Deadly try to stop the show. Uncle Deadly defects to the Muppets, and Gary and Mary return in time to restore power after one Richman's attempts to stop the show causes the power to go out. Kermit realizes how much Piggy means to him and she agrees to sing a duet with him as Floyd gives Animal his drumsticks and Animal plays the drums again during Kermit and Piggy's duet of "The Rainbow Connection"

As the show nears it's end and the Muppets are in the home stretch they need one more act to fill the time, Walter after running away in panic goes on stage and whistles a tune, and gets a standing ovation. The Muppets are one dollar shy of the $10 million they need when midnight hits and Richman walks on the stage battered and bruised but he has ultimately won. He tells the Muppets to get out of his theater. As the Muppets reach the doors Kermit tells them that he is proud of them and when they walk out of the theater they are surprised to see a legion of Muppet fans waiting for them. As the Muppets take their bows Kermit invites Walter to join them Gary tells his brother that this is where he belongs and the Muppets lift him on their shoulders.

Richman comes out of the theater and Gonzo finally gets his finger from the bowling ball and the bowling ball hits Richman in the head and makes him a good guy and he agrees to return the Muppet's names, theater, and studios to them. The Moppets leave saying that Richman owes them.

Gary proposes to Mary and she accepts.
Kermit and Piggy reconcile and decide to take some time off and of course Piggy tells the media and the media is on their doorstep, much to Piggy's delight and Kermit's chargin.

End of Spoilers]

This movie does a great job of capturing the magic of the Muppets and their innocence, it's still has the Muppet's trademark slapstick humor, and parodies. It's love letter to The Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie, it does feature other references to the other Muppet movies (and yes, Pepe the King Prawn makes a cameo). While it has a little "crude" humor which is basically Fozzy's fart shoes and a scene in Gonzo's warehouse has Kermit, Fozzy, Walter, and Segal all sitting on toilets (both of which are in the trailers) is about as crude as it gets. The new songs are great and a new version of "The Rainbow Connection" sung by Kermit and Piggy is a real tear-jerker (in a happy way not a sad way), and Chris Cooper's song is REALLY funny.

The performances by the Muppet performers are all top notch and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Segal, Adams, Cooper, and Black don't hog the spotlight from the Muppets which was a fear I had since considering that in the trailers that Segal and Adams are promoted before Kermit and Piggy and Walter feels like he's always been there and he is both charming and funny. The celebrities guest cameos are delightful and real funny. The film never takes itself seriously and the Muppets and the humans break the fourth wall. I can't really find anything wrong with the movie other than I wish it was longer because I wanted to see so many jokes, gags, sketches, and hear so many songs.

It's a great film for the whole family or anyone who just wants to laugh and feel good after seeing the movie. I give it a 5 out of 5.

My advice is this: go watch it now!
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