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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:14am

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xx The Transformers: Ironhide TPB review
« Thread started on: Jan 5th, 2012, 4:27pm »

I finally got to read Transformers: Ironhide and it is by far the strangest Transformers comic book series I ever read.

Ironhide "died" in the first issue of the ongoing series and suddenly he wakes up on a dead Cybertron (the home world of the Transformers) with no memories of the past 4 million years, the last thing he remembers is saving Optimus Prime's life from a Decepticon assassination attempt. As Ironhide wonders around Cybertron he remembers his days as a security guard for the race track and then he meets the Swarm, mutated Insecticons monsters that live on Cybertron. After he defeats some of them he meets a drone with a limited vocabulary that takes him to Metroplex and inside Metroplex he meets Alpha Trion an ancient Autobot who can control other Transformers with mind if they touch him.

Alpha Trion (or A3 for short) explains that he rebuilt Ironhide and his memories are from an older archive and that he has reasons for doing this. Namely because for Cybertron to be restored the Swarm has to be destroyed and Ironhide being one of the strongest and toughest Autobots around he gets the job.

Ironhide notices an Autobot signal and leaves to find out who or what it is, much to A3's chagrin. Ironhide fights through the Swarm and finds that the signal is none other than beaten up remains of Sunstreaker (who "died" in All Hail Megatron) Ironhide returns with what is left of Sunstreaker, who is talking about the events of All Hail Megatron and Ironhide doesn't know what Sunstreaker is talking about, to A3 who makes some repairs on him (except his leg) and then Ironhide goes out to fight the Swarm.

After blowing up a ton of the Swarm (and destroying Kup's wrecked spaceship from All Hail Megatron) and when Ironhide is about to be get killed by the Swarm Metroplex transformers into robot mode and squashes them and when Ironhide asks why A3 didn't have Metroplex destroy the Swarm he explains that Metroplex couldn't because of his size and eventually the Swarm would get inside of the giant Autobot city and destroy him. A3 then annoucnes that he is leaving Cybertron and tells Ironhide that he must stay behind and destroy the rest of the Swarm and then Sunstreaker says he will stay behind even though he has only one leg and is confined to the Transformers version of a wheelchair to try and make amends for his actions that nearly cost the Autobots the war. A3 leaves them energy and leaves inside Metroplex. Sunstreaker asks if it's true that he doesn't remember anything for the past 4 million years and Ironhide says that they have a lot of work to do and then finds a piece of debris and sits on it.

This is a weird story. I like how Alpha Trion is portrayed in this series as a mystery and not as an absent minded old bot who created Optimus Prime and Elita 1 from the cartoon show. Ironhide comes off as a bit slow to grasp things and Sunstreaker comes off as a whiner.
The art by Casey Collier is great he does a great job. I wish IDW would use him more.

This story is OK, but I wonder when and if Costa will do anything with it, I mean it's a great set up but asks more questions than it really answers.

I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5.
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