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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:16am

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xx The Transformers: The Last Stand of the Wreckers
« Thread started on: Jan 5th, 2012, 4:33pm »

I just finished The Transformers: The Last Stand of the Wreckers a 5 issue mini-series that chronicles the Wreckers, an elite Autobot commando strike (the Autobots' version of the Navy SEALS and Delta Force) team consisting of Springer, Kup, Preceptor, Topspin, Twintwist, Pyro, Ironfist, Rotostorm, Guzzle, Impactor, and Verity Carlo (an EXTREMELY annoying human girl that no one can write well) and last mission to get records out of computer on the Autobots' Prison Planet Garrus-9, so that they can't be used as propaganda against them and only to learn that Overlord, one of Megatron's Phase-sixers (a Decepticon WMD), who left the Decepticons and has taken over the planet in order to have control of a battleground when he thinks that Megatron will find and fight him.
Apparently Overlord doesn't know how to use a radio to learn that Megatron is offline.

This series tries to make The Transformers more mature by showing that some of the Autobots aren't much better than the Decepticons in flashback Impactor kills several unarmed and bound Decepticon prisoners. Springer and Twintwsist both get brutally tortured by one of Overlord's minions. The violence is also some the most savage and intense in a Transformers since Marvel's Transformers: Generation 2 series that would be nicer if artist Nick Roche could draw actually draw fight scene that made sense. This series tries to make some good points ("War sucks and is stupid and pointless" "Life goes on", etc.) but feels a bit preachy and is about subtle as a chainsaw saw through a pane of glass, and it feels more cliched than relevant.

The story is more enjoyable if you know a lot of The Wreckers' past incarnations in the Marvel UK series and various convention comics, and that is where the series falls flat there are plenty of nice homages, in-jokes, and references but at the same time, a reader who doesn't know much about the Wreckers and a new reader might find it confusing and downright annoying and it can come off as a glorified fanfic. I will say that I find the character Verity extremely annoying (no matter who writes her) out of all the characters that died, why she couldn't be killed is beyond me, hell WTF she's even in this series is a bigger mystery! She doesn't do anything to help. Don't expect all the Wreckers to survive this is their LAST stand after all.

The art by co-writer Nick Roche, takes a bit of getting used too (Roche is by far my least favorite IDW Transformers artist) he does a good job at dialogue scenes and he does get better with the fights at end but is art at times seems too goofy looking for this series.

Overall: If you're like me a huge Transfan then this is a good or great series, if your a casual Transfan then you should check it out first before buying. A lot of die hard Transfans say this is the greatest Transformers series IDW has published, I respectfully disagree it's a a series that the creators wanted to be great, but lacks that final thing needed to be great. I think it's still a very good series, but it's not a great series. I give it a 3.5 out 5.
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