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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:16am

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xx The Transformers: Chaos Theory Review
« Thread started on: Feb 23rd, 2012, 6:00pm »

The story starts out with Rodimus floating in space and he crashes lands on a planet and found by two rather dumb aliens who take him to their captain. The aliens crashed landed on this planet and are trying to find a power source to fuel their spaceship they want to use the Matrix which is currently fused to Rodimus' chest. Rodimus escapes and the aliens chase him into a cave where giant alien animal lives the aliens flee and the animal is about to eat Rodimus when he is saved by none other than Wheelie!

Back at the ship the captain berates his crew members and threatens to sell them into slavery if they don't find Rodimus.

Rodimus asks Wheelie to help him to escape but instead Wheelie goes into a trance. Rodimus then sets a trap for the alien crew members. He captures one of them and convinces him to doublecross the captain and the others. Wheelie comes out of his trance and helps to. The three trick the captian and his henchmen to alien animal's cave while they take the alien ship. Rodimus uses the Matrix to power the ship and his knocked out by it. Rodimus awakens in time to learn that Wheelie sets a course for Cybertron and they are already there.

They land on Cybertron and are met by Ironhide, Sunstreaker, and their pet swarm creature named Bob. Ironhide and Sunstreaker tell Rodimus and Wheelie that they have to leave Cybertron because Galvatron and his army are on the planet. Rodimus decides to a little recon with Wheelie and they spot Galvatron and they are attacked by a Sweep. They return to their ship and use the engery source that Alpha Trion gave Ironhide to power the ship and head back to Earth.

Back on Earth Rodimus gives the Matrix back to Optimus Prime and tells him that Galvatron is back on Cybertron.

Optimus Prime takes most of the Autobots, Megatron, and the guns of made of his old body in Omega Supreme's rocket mode back to Cybertron. Bumblebee feels that Optimus should have asked him first because he is the leader of the Autobots.

Optimus tells Bumblebee that this is personal he would do it whether Bumblebee liked it or not. Optimus also tells him that he asked Prowl to investigate Spike and recommends that Bumblebee and small detachment of Autobots stay on Earth.

Bumblebee, Jazz, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, and Streetwise all stay on Earth and they deputize Pennington a member of Skywatch who got injured in the line of duty and is in a wheelchair to help them investigate Spike.

On the trip back to Cybertron the Autobots leaders meet up with their legal counsel to decide on what to with Megatron. Optimus is talked into talking with Megatron to learn why he surrendered to him and the Autobots back on Earth.

Optimus Prime shuts all outside communication outside of the holding room and frees Megatron and the two sit down talk.

In course of their dialogue we learn that Megatron was not only an Energon miner he was a politcal activist who believed in non-violence. But when he's talking to his friend Impactor about his beliefs Rung, a small Transformer, is beaten up by some cops and Impactor gets into a fight and both of them get arrested. While in custody Megatron is beaten savagely by Whirl. When the new squad commander Orion Pax finds out what Whirl did he frees Megatron and arrests Whirl. He tells Megatron that he actually agrees with him on a lot of his political beliefs. Once free Megatron throws the datepad with beliefs into a sign.

After arresting Whirl, Springarm and his partner finish their patrol and find that Pax has already caught a number of lawbreakers. Springarm asks Pax if he believes in Primus and Pax says he doesn't. Springarm tells him that he should go to a service with him sometime. Pax tells him that he will think about it.

Later group of bots representing memebers of the corrupt Cybertronian Senate comes to Pax and they demand that he releases Whirl. Pax says no and a fight breaks out. The assassins free Whirl and Pax shoots his leg off. They chase Pax into a trophy room where he finds the body of Springarm. Pax feels that Springarm's transformation cog is still warm and transforms his body into it's alt mode (a Cybertronian motorcycle) and uses it to escape and defeat the assassins.

Pax tracks down Whirl who tells him that the Senate will destroy him and there is nothing he can do. Pax takes Whirl to a meeting of the Senate and makes his way into the Senate chambers where Pax states that he is Autobot free to choose his own path and before he's escorted from the Senate chambers he askes them 3 questions that Megatron wrote down on his datapad:
1) Who do represent?
2) Are you answerable to those you represent?
3) How do we get rid of you?

Back in the present day: Optimus Prime asks Megatron how he would lead if he was able to defeat the Autobots. Megatron states he would create a basically a society where the Decepticons would want for nothing, the freedom to chose their functions, and that he would give them peace, happiness, and security. Optimus Prime says he agrees with that but doesn't think that those are things that can be given. Optimus then tells Megatron that if he wants to he's willing to forgive him and they could end the war right there. Megatron says no because his hatred of the Autobots is too great and he would rather die first and he still won't tell Optimus why he surrendered to him. Megatron also tells Optimus that he is as guilty of multiple genocides because of his need to be the hero and that Optimus would never sign his death warrant. This enrages Prime he tortures Megatron. Later Optimus Prime is ashamed of what he did.

The Autobot leadership decides on what to with Megatron should they hand him over to the interglactic counsol, but they would want a recommendation too his punishment should he found guilty. Optimus doesn't know what to do. Ratchet suggests that he use the Matrix and he tells Ratchet that doing that hurts. He later asks Rodimus what it was like when he first used the Matrix and Rodimus tells him it was one of the best sensations of his life. Optimus finally decides that if he is too live up to his personal motto that freedom is the right of all sentinat beings so he asks Megatron to choose his recommended punishment life in prison or death, and Megatron says death.

In a final flashback Orion Pax has been freed by a senator who tells him that a faction in the Senate wants to use the Matrix for it's own ends and that when the times comes he be needed he is also re-named Optimus Prime and that he has been rebulit to hold the Matrix.

The Transformers: Chaos Theory is by far the best storyline out of IDW's first Transformers ongoing series! In particualar #22 and #23 give Optimus Prime and Megatron more depth and complexity in 2 issues than I ever seen in any media in the franchise's history!

The story by Mike Costa and James Roberts and the art by Guidi and Milne are all spectacular. This is a prime (pun intended) example of how great all comics should be. I give it a 5 out of 5.
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