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Mar 22nd, 2018, 07:15am

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xx The Transformers: Autocracy Review
« Thread started on: Feb 28th, 2013, 12:32pm »

This is the review for The Transformers: Autocracy originally a 12-issue digital maxi-series written by Flint Dille and Chris Metzen and is digitally painted by Livio Ramondrelli and has been collected in print as a TPB for $19.99 (USA). Since I don't have a device other than my PC to read digital comics on so this review will be based on the TPB version.

Set after events of Chaos Theory and Megatron: Origin this story picks up with Zeta Prime and what's left of the Cybertronian Senate deciding what to do about the Decepticons, Zeta wants to use some kind of vampiric engeron device on the City-States that the Decepticons already control and/or are friendly to them. This device will suck the Energon out of all of the Cybertronians regardless of their loyalties this is something Zeta Prime has no qualms about it thinking that sense the whole Senate is hated anyway it gets rid of the Decepticons and replenishes the supply of Engeron for the planet which is dangerously low. Now even Senator Starscream thinks this overkill (it's apparently been retconed the senate that Starscream killed Megatron: Origin was the Kaon's local senate and that nobody knew Starscream knew that Starscream he was a local senator, or that he helped to kill the entire Kaon Senate in Cybertorian Senate) and leaves the chambers to other matters and/or he also leaves too keep Swindle, who Zeta has turned into an informant from identifying him. Starscream also leaves in the chambers Soundwave disguised as a recorder, who has recorded the whole debate for propaganda. Soundwave of course escapes and Zeta Prime orders Orion Pax and his Autobot team to capture or kill Soundwave. As they chase Soundwave all over Cybertron Soundwave released various cassette Decepticons to help him get a way.

Pax and company chases him the Decepticon controlled City-State of Kaon where Megatron is. Pax enters the town and tries to talk Megatron in surrendering and Megatron tries to convince Pax of what Zeta has planned. Pax refuses to believe Megatron and the Autobots escape in Sky Lynx. Back at Autobot HQ Zeta Prime is not happy with Orion Pax and his team. Pax confronts Zeta with about his plan but Zeta doesn't care, he gives a Pax a mission to redeem himself to capture a mystery bomber in Nyon, a city-state whose inhabints are friendly to the Decepticons. There is also in the city an ancient Acroplex, where legends say was one the headquarters to the Knights of Cybertron before they left the planet.

While chasing the mystery bomber, who turns out to be Hot Rod, who was trying to get Energon for starving Cybertronians living Nyon and free some that prisons being used to power the Vampric Weapons. Zeta fires the Vampric weapon and starts making his way final push to purge the city with the Omega Destructors (black Omega Supremes). Hot Rod, Orion Pax, and the Autobots try to fight but theyre all captured by Zeta Prime's forces. Pax is about to be executed by Zeta Prime when he and the rest of the Autobots are saved by Megatron and the Decepticons.

Pax finally realizes that Zeta Prime and the Senate must be overthrown and the Autobot and Decepticons team up to battle Zeta Prime in Iacon. Pax and Megatron take the fight to Zeta personally and Pax gets badly injured in the fight and Megatron kills Zeta Prime, and just as you can guess Megatron then double-crosses and blasts Pax, sending crashing through the Tower of Iacon to ancient chamber far below the city. There Orion Pax finds the Matrix of Leadership and his reformatted into Optimus Prime, while Megatron offers amnesty for the Autobots that helped overthrow Zeta but they are all thrown in jail. While Megatron begins building his new Cybertron government. Hot Rod helps the Autobots escape and they go underground near what is left of Nyon and the old Acroplex. Optimus Prime makes his from the Matrix Chamber and regroups with the Autobots and reactivates the Acroplex who is actually Metroplex! Prime decides to try a new plan of attack he gathers all Cybertronians that don't believe in the Decepticon agenda and launches a peaceful march on Iacon. Megatron not wanting any dissants orders the Decepticons to attack and all Hell breaks lose.

The final battle of the story has Megatron ready to use the Vampric weapon against the Autobots and Optimus Prime and Hot Rod get into a fight with Megatron. Optimus Prime nearly beats him but just like in the animated movie Hot Rod sees Megatron going for a gun under some debris and ends up getting captured by Megatron, but unlike the 1986 movie Hot Rod transforms and is able to escape and Optimus Primes shoots him, but like always he escapes while the rest of the Decepticons retreat and Metroplex becomes the New Iacon.

After the battle Prowl discovers a cashe of Vampric weapons that Zeta Prime had stored. Optimus orders Prowl to destroy them but Prowl looks like he might not follow Optimus Prime's orders. Optimus Prime asks Hot Rod to join the Autobots and he accepts and makes a joke about being a Prime himself one day as the two of them watch a sunrise.

Notes and thoughts: This series starts off well but the second Zeta Prime is killed, it becomes your standard TF story. I will give it credit for trying but Megatron's turn against Optimus is hardly surprising. What is surprising is how evil Zeta Prime is (even if his design kind of sucks) he is actually more frighting and evil than Megatron usally is. There is also several continity errors in the book: Pax's name, Starscream being a senator, Soundwave talking like he did in the orginal cartoon show, and more. Some of references to the Knights of Cybertron and the Metrotitans for MTMTE and RID seem forced and don't make a lot sense.

Ramondelli's artwork, at least in print, is at times very hard to make out. His digital painted artwork is different from the rest of the IDW artists but it's style that takes some getting used to.

Final thoughts: If this was a reboot or the start of a new continuty that didn't tie to the IDW G1 TF Universe, it might actually be a better read, but the politics are as muddled as the continuty. Also the out-right rip off of the Optimus Prime/Megatron battle from TF:TM even with Hot Rod's escape comes as kind of stupid. Overall it's not a bad story per se, but it's a far cry from Chaos Theory. Hopefully it's sequal called Monsterity will be better and not end up as one. It's a nice time killer if anything else but not as deep or thought-provoking as the creators, IDW, and Hasbro had hoped for. I give it a 2.5 out 5.
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