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Rules to the X-WCW's gimmick matches
Post by Cyberstrike on Oct 11th, 2004, 12:32pm

This thread is too explain what some of our kind of fantasy matches are based on and the rules of them are.

1) Hell's Chamber-Is based on the WWE's Elimination Chamber matches. Basically take that chamber and take out the interal chambers then add barbed wire or razor wire and wrapped it through around the chain walls of the side of the chambers, and then add trashcans attached to sides of the chamber loaded with weapons. Between 2-6 men battle inside at the same time, the last man standing wins. Understand that this match is for special occasions and that means if one characters is in one of these matches that this match ENDS the feud. These matches are not to be used frequently this is too keep them special.

2) TLCC-Tables Ladders Chairs and Chains-is the same as a Ladder match or a TLC match only you can use chains as well.

3) Hellfire match-is the same as an WWE Inferno Match the same rules apply and same kind of jet flames. The one who is set on fire first loses.

4) House of Pain Match-is a small cage with a roof where the object is to handcuff the other man or tag team to the side of the cage. The winner(s) get five minutes to beat the crap out of the other(s).

5) Triple Cage Match-You can see one in the movie Ready To Rumble. It's basically it's a Hell in a Cell-ladder-hardcore-cage match with the bottom cage (aka Caged Heat) being a HiaC/Ladder match which your character gains control of a ladder and climbs up through a trap door in the ceiling of Caged Heat and this gains you entry to second cage (aka Hardcore Hell) inside this cage you have trashcans lining the side of the cage with all sort of weapons in them the object is too find a pair of bolt cutters hidden in one of the trashcans and use them to cut the chain locking the door and use it to cut the chain and exit the cage and escape from Hardcore Hell and climb up the side of the cage to enter cage #3 (aka the Weapons Room) now this room as a certain kind of weapon that is used by one the wrestlers this can be Kendo sticks, guitars, sledgehammers, and etc.
The object here is too climb on top of the weapons room and grab the belt (or object) and you win the match.

6) Triple Cage X Rules match-This is pretty much the same as the above but with one major difference once you get the belt (or object) down you have to fight your way down the cage and leave through the door in Caged Heat with the belt (or object) in the event that two (or more) leave the cage at the same time the match becomes a sudden death falls count anywhere match elimination match in which whoever gets the last pinfall or submission wins.
As with the Hell's Chamber, the Triple Cage, and Triple Cage X-Rules matches are extremely rare.

Re: Rules to some of the X-WCW's gimmick matches .
Post by Cyberstrike on May 22nd, 2005, 1:50pm

Falls Count Anywhere In this match there are count outs and the pinfall, submission, or Knockout can be anywhere in the arena or surrounding areas.
You can be DQed in a Falls Count Anywhere unless there are No Disquailications to begin with or the referee (or the writers) can decide.

Hardcore Match There are DQs, no count outs, and falls count anywhere.

Street Fight Same as a Hardcore Match (no count outs or DQ) but while there no counts in a street fight the decision must be INSIDE the ring.

Bunkhouse Brawl-Same as a Hardcore Match and Street Fight but the decision must be OUTSIDE of the ring.
Re: Rules to some of the X-WCW's gimmick matches .
Post by D-Extreme on Apr 23rd, 2006, 02:34am

Contributed by: Nightmare

Martial Arts Challenge

Setting: The ring will be surrounded by a fence, like the UFC, but not an Octagon.


- Winner is not determined by pin or by Count Out. The way you can win is by KOing your Opponent or literally breaking a Limb.

- No weapon use allowed

- The way the KO works is basically your average 10 count.

- The 'breaking a limb' rule will NOT be used in the X-WCW...UNLESS we need to do it for 'storyline' purposes to write off someone or 'injure' someone 'on air'
Re: Rules to some of the X-WCW's gimmick matches .
Post by Karl Baller on Apr 23rd, 2006, 07:10am

Singles Match: Normal match with two competitors. Won by pinfall, submission, or count out. Cannot use weapons unless d/q's are off.

Triple Threat Match: Same as singles, but there are 3 competitors in the ring. No count outs, and whoever scores the pinfall or submission first is declared the winner.

Fatal Fourway Match: Same as Triple Threat, but there are 4 competitors.

First Blood Match: A match where the only way to win is make your opponent(s) bleed. Whoever bleeds first loses the match.

Last Man Standing Match: The object of this match is to knock your opponent(s) down so he or she cannot get back up until the 10 count.

2/3 Falls Match: A match that goes to three falls. Whover wins 2 of the three is the winner.

Submission Match: The only way to win the match is by submission.

Handicap Match: A match where one team has more partners than the other. Same rules as regular match.

Elimination Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway Match: Normal rules. You must eliminate each superstar in the ring by submission or pinfall. The last man in the ring is the winner.

Tag Team Match: Same as singles, but there are 4 competitors. 2 are inside while the other two are on apron across the ring from eachother. You are able to tag to switch out 'ONLY' when the tag rope is being held.

Tornado Tag Team Match: Same as tag team, but all 4 competitors are in the ring at the same time with no tags.

Six Man Tag Team Match: Sam as tag, but there are three members to a team.

Eight Man Tag Team Match: Same as tag, but there are 4 members to a team.

Steel Cage Match: A 15 foot high steel cage is lowered around the ring, number of superstars can be infinite. There are no disqualifactions and you can win by pinfall, submission, or escaping of the cage.

Tables Match: Can be a tag team, triple threat, or fatal fourway. The first person to put another person through a table is the winner.

Ladder Match:Can be a any kind of tag team, Triple Threat, Or Fatal Fourway. An object will be hanging above the ring. Whoever grabs the object first is the winner.

Iron Man Match: A certain time limit is set and the superstar who has the most wins by the end of the time limit is the winner.

X-Rumble Match: 15 superstars enter the ring and the last man standing in the ring is the winner.

The Royal Bash: 2 men start off the match and every certain # of minutes, a new superstar enters. Whoever the last man inside of the ring is after all 30 enteries have entered will win the match. The 'ONLY' way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope.

Re: Rules to some of the X-WCW's gimmick matches .
Post by Cyberstrike on Apr 23rd, 2006, 10:32am

No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Ring ropes are replaced by barbed wire. There are no disquailifcations.
Pinfall or submisson in the ring win wins it.

Pure Wrestling Match: Wrestler must shake hands before and after the match. There are no closed fists if referee sees this he can dq the wrestler. There is a 20 count on the floor.
You are allowed 3 rope breaks to break a submission hold after the 3rd break is used that wrestler is unable to use the ropes to break a submission hold. The other wrestler can use the rope to apply a submission hold.

Scamble Cage Match: 4-6 Tag teams complete in a standard cage with platforms that covers each corner of the cage and can be used for high risk moves. 2 teams start the match and after 2 minutes another team enters the match, after all teams enter the first person who scores the pinfalll or submission for their team wins the match.

Scamble Cage Xtreme: 4-12 single wrestlers and/or tag teams can compete in this one. The difference between the normal and Xtreme version of the Scramble Cage is that in this version all the wrestlers are in the ring at the start and the only way to win the match is jump off one the four platforms and
land on another wrestler or wrestlers to eliminate them
the last man or team standing wins.
Re: Rules to the X-WCW's gimmick matches
Post by Cyberstrike on Dec 2nd, 2009, 6:12pm

Xtreme Rules for the X-WCW Xtreme Championship-You can win an Xtreme Rules match by making your submit inside the ring only, or by pinfall or standing 10-Count outside of the ring. Xtreme Rules are used only for the X-WCW Xtreme Championship and for #1 contendership for the Xtreme title.

The rules for the Xtreme War Games match:

10-20 Wrestlers can be in this match.

The match will be in 2 Rings set side-by-side inside a specialty built version of X-WCW's most danagerous match type the Triple Cage.

Cage #1 (the bottom one) is called Caged Heat and a double-sized Hell in a Cell.

Cage #2 (the middle one) is Hardcore Hell (this one is size of WCW's old War Games cage).

Cage #3 (the top one) is the Weapon Room. (the size of standard cage with a roof).

Above the Weapons Room is an object hanging above it.

1 person from each team will start the match. After every 2 mimutes a new man enters by random draw.

How to win the match: There are 2 ways to win.

1) One man has to climb on top of the Weapon's Room and as to get the object and then he has to climb down through all the cages and walk out the door of Caged Heat with the object. Note: This can happen at any point in the match reguardless how many are men currently involved in it. Should other member(s) from an opposing team(s) leave the cage at the same time with the medal holder it then becomes either a normal one-on-one match or an elimination between those that left cage at the same time. Everybody else is still active or yet to enter the match is automatically eliminated.


2) Once all the wrestlers are in eliminate all members of each of the opposing team(s) via pinfalls, sumbmissions, or knock-outs.

And there must be a winning team.